Experts: delay salaries will be reduced purchasing power of 25% and deputies describe it as “illegal”

Experts: delay salaries will be reduced purchasing power of 25% and deputies describe it as “illegal”

Posted 19/02/2015 09:43 AM

Experts - delay salaries will be reduced purchasing power of 25 percent and deputies describe it as illegalDescribed in the parliamentary finance committee member, pay salaries of state employees decision every 40 days as “illegal” and affect the ordinary citizen, and stressed that the committee did not discuss the implementation of the law with the government and ruled out the implementation, an economist said that the implementation of the law will reduce the purchasing power of money by 25 % and lead to economic recession and raise the unemployment rate.

He said the parliamentary Finance Committee rapporteur Hama Rashid Ahmed said that “the payment of salaries every day the system will provide a lot of benefits of the Iraqi state and the Iraqi budget will strengthen at the moment, especially with the Iraqi economy is affected by a decline in oil prices, but that this is illegal.”

He explained Hama Rashid, “The government has confirmed that this decision precaution and will be implemented in the event of the Iraqi state needed for this and affected the economy significantly,” he said, adding that “the Finance Committee did not discuss with the government, yet the implementation of the decision of whether or not”. He said, “I personally do not agree on this matter, because it is great damage to the ordinary citizen”, ruling out at the same time, “the adoption of this matter, especially after the return of oil prices to rise again.”

For its part, said committee member Najiba Najib, said that “the Commission has not yet been any formal decision by the government received on staff salaries distribution of all forty days,” usually “the government if they have taken such a decision, it is caused by a lack of liquidity, lack of its ability to meet its obligations, especially that the country is in a state of war. ”

For his part, said economist Maytham Laibi that “the payment of salaries in Iraq system is a system monthly, and can payment system this becomes a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually,” pointing out that “the decision in the case has been implemented, it is understood the impression wrong “.

He Laibi saying “it is not unlikely that are changing the shape of the system to pay salaries, to pay salary every two months, for example, something that already exists at the present time, and likeness of retirees who get paid every two months’ salaries.”

He pointed out that “the payment of salaries every 40 days can be applied in two ways, it is possible that the government distributes pay just one month after 40 days, this method would hurt citizen without a doubt, the other way is to distribute 40 days in a lump sum instead of relying on monthly system, where The employee’s salary of 800 thousand dinars will receive a million within 40 days, and this is a useful way. ”

He continues to coffee that “payment every 40 days will reduce the distribution cycle costs, which means that the cost to the state could drop in the amount of 3 months”, adding that “countries if pay one month’s salary decided every 40 days is the high negative everyone. ”