Seminar to discuss the draft oil and gas law, the terms of (HCL)

Seminar to discuss the draft oil and gas law, the terms of (HCL)


Seminar to discuss the draft oil and gas law the terms of HCLParticipants stressed at a conference held in Baghdad on the need for enactment of the oil and gas law and discuss ways to reach a recommendation to end the problems related to it with a view to approval in the House of Representatives.

And participated in the conference held by the organization in July of development in Vtdq Ishtar, specialists in the field of economy, energy, ministers, parliamentarians and former activists civilians, and showed president of the Organization of July Vian Sheikh Ali that a number of workshops and seminars, talk shows have been organized in a number of provinces in the past few months, and pointed to the notation Remarks made by specialists and members of the provincial councils around the vertebrae draft law, said the number of arthropod points have been added in this conference to be the recommendations will be submitted to the House of Representatives to take advantage of them during the discussion of the law.

Participants stressed the importance of accelerating the adoption of the oil and gas law as a solution for many of the relationship between the federal government and the KRG problems, and sees former MP Qais al-Amiri said the problems raised about the political law, stressing the need to find a political consensus case, and the establishment of a higher council for the management of oil and gas in addition to the restoration of the oil distribution company.

Other participants criticized the wording of some items that came in the draft law was submitted proposals in the reformulation of the recommendations that will be submitted to the House of Representatives, and stressed the legal expert Adel al-Lami, the importance of removal of the legislative institution mechanisms for implementation of the law, which is supposed to be working on the executive institutions only.