Squares of liberation published suit Judge Rahim Ugaili text against former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

Squares of liberation published suit Judge Rahim Ugaili text against former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

Posted 15/02/2015 09:39 AM

Squares of liberation published suit Judge Rahim Ugaili text against former Prime Minister Nuri al-MalikiJudge Rahim Ugaili president of the National Center for Legal and Judicial Studies filed a complaint against former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki tried asking what was guilty of crimes against the Iraqi people and the full text of the following request the complaint and in the following text:

(Nuri Kamal al-Maliki) the position of the Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces in Iraq between 2006-2014 took the accused has committed during the period of Gmhadd of serious violations and crimes, and as commander in chief of the armed forces is the position of civilians in accordance with the provisions of Article (9 / I – a) of the Constitution, which stipulates: – (armed forces and security services consist of the components of the Iraqi people and are subject to the control of the civilian authority ..) so there is no legal face to say that

Charges against the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the military jurisdiction because it civil office, but is concerned with the internal security forces and military courts to crimes commit military exclusively, and as the text of the Constitution in Article (93 / VI) than that specializes in the Federal Supreme Court: – ( chapter in the charges against the President and Prime Minister and Minister ..) So the fact that the prosecution of crimes attributed to the accused, including treason is one of the military jurisdiction is a slough of the judiciary to perform its responsibilities and constitutional attempt to give up in the face of people’s issues.

So ask to take legal action and moving the criminal cases against the accused

For the following offenses:

First: – crimes Battabarh he was the Commander in Chief of the armed forces: –

1. high treason: – In the fall of one-third of Iraq, however, a terrorist organization (Daash), and is caused by the arming of these criminal organization mechanics and sophisticated weapons the Iraqi army estimated value (more than fifteen billion dollars), which left the army behind him while abandoning the defense of the land in -stricken provinces and the resultant of the killed and wounded, and the displacement and the displacement of millions of citizens and the violation of their right to life, honor and property, and the captivity of women and sold in the slave markets Aldaashah.

2. massacre Spyker: –

When implicated thousands of young people (not the coach) predestined for electoral purposes perverted, and push them to the camp in Salah al-Din and leave them there without training or weapons with which to defend themselves and without military justification for their presence there, making them hunting easy for a terrorist organization killed all ugliest crime in the history of modern Iraq. Proof (investigative file that one under Ganaúahantrzah court in Baghdad).

3. The major massacres committed against the Iraqi people is genocide and crimes Ddalansanh:

When hundreds of children, women and the killing of protesters as he did in Zerga and Hawija and Fallujah and Ramadi. Evidence: – claims that the massacres in the police and justice medicine centers and departments of Public Prosecutions those areas supposedly inform your presidency them according to the law the public prosecutor No. 159 of 1979).

4. committing major massacre in Karbala:

Against supporters of Mr. Hassani 2014. (Files in Karbala police department and the courts and the criminal investigation in Karbala

. ). 5. caused by the tragedies suffered by minorities:

Caused by the tragedies suffered by minorities (Christians and Yezidis) and shortened the protection and negligence in carrying out relief and provide minimum requirements for them. (House of Representatives files civil, religious, and national and international institutions).

6. spreading corruption in the military and security establishment:

Embezzlement systematic by aliens arrested commissions for armament contracts and supply the army and internal security forces, and the sale of positions and ranks is owed, and took Alatwat .aldleil (closed and open investigation files inside the offices of inspectors general at the Pentagon and at the Ministry of Interior and the Integrity Commission)

7. shed sword mop them to ensure their loyalty and lack of exit for obedience to implement Ajindath beyond the law and the Constitution. Proof (User Roguing

And excluded from the ablation of the security institutions without the consent of the House of Representatives) otherwise Accountability and Justice Law No. 10 of 2008.

8. monopoly in the appointment of military commanders:

.9- Established security and military institutions :

10. deviation army building sectarian and exclusionary approach:

11. practice of emergency without the authorization of the House of Representatives:

12. execution of prisoners and detainees in prisons and detention centers:

.13- Implementation of random arrests:

14. commit crimes enforced systematically thousands of Iraqis linked to it by security agencies or militias backed him, and kill them and throw their bodies

15. use his powers to stop legal proceedings or directly rejected the judiciary to take legal action against civilian and military leaders accused of criminal offenses against civilians (Saved covered by the files in the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the courts of the investigation and misdemeanors and felonies in Iraq supposedly to inform your presidency them according to the law of the public prosecutor).

16. The use of the armed forces in 2012 to threaten the region of Kurdistan in order to achieve narrow political gains – in previous serious violation of the Constitution, which prevent the intervention of the armed forces in political affairs in accordance with the provisions of Article (9 / I) of the Constitution, which limited the role of the armed Aarult in the defense of Iraq . (Formation of the Tigris forces and the threat of a confrontation that took place in July 2012) file.

Second: – crimes as head of the Council of Ministers: –

1. violation of the independence of the judiciary and interfering in its affairs, and its use in the liquidation of political opponents, and the purchase of political positions, and the granting of instruments patent loyal to him politically criminals and corrupt (files a lawsuit against the Governor of the Central Bank and the Minister of Transport former was Nbarothm after exit complained of government

, Personal evidence, the adoption of the Chief Justice in front of the Vice-President, Dr. Ayad Allawi last Declaration television channels and written evidence, all

Alaamamat orders and directives saved files Judicial Council and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers)

2. Publication of the practice of torture and forced confessions routinely and brutal, especially in the security services associated with the accused according to reports in hard

Solid international organizations are available on the international network.

3. open and manage secret prisons where the worst and ugliest forms of abuses in Iraq’s modern history taking place, according to reports in hard to the House of Representatives and the reports of respected international organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rice Woogie.

4. smuggling of prisoners and detainees in the hundreds of terrorists from the Abu Ghraib prison and others, and who have returned to occupy one-third of Iraq within months. . (Escape convicts registered cases in the Justice Department records and the presumption of your presidency to inform them

According to the Law of Public Prosecutions.

5. The release of terrorists convicted of Arabs Bhmolhm your pardon or without Kaaltonsen and Libyans and Ardnin and Saudis, unlike the provisions of Article (73 / I) that prevented a special pardon in terrorism crimes final

6. moratorium on executions with a number of terrorists and smuggling during the months after that. . (Convicts escape death lawsuits registered in the Ministry of records

.7- Terrorism and repression of peaceful demonstrators in Baghdad, Basra and other provinces in 2011 using the security forces and helicopters, and the liquidation of some of the activists (such as Hadi al-Mahdi) and the order of trumped-up charges against others, as in the case of the youth of the four accused of rigging the Civil Status .mellvat cards found in the Ministry of Interior and the leadership of forces Baghdad and the courts to investigate in those areas’ supposedly inform your presidency

8. establishing its own militia and support with state funds and weapons, mechanisms and give its members the identities of the state to implement Ajindath illegal, contrary to the provisions

9. disable the oversight role of the House of Representatives by refusing to appear for questioning and issuing orders to ministers and military leaders to refrain from coming to the Council (as recorded in the official records of the House of Representatives at its second session).

10. misprision terrorist crimes and corruption files, which was to announce its presence to prevent and he has offered to justice under the pretext of maintaining the political process,

11. electoral fraud and manipulation of the will of the voters through the purchase of their voices through the distribution of grants and grades territories phantom bribes electoral Unlike the legislation governing the conduct which is located on public funds and legislation Independent Electoral Commission. (Check complaints of candidates and voters saved in the UNHCR offices in the governorates and approached the provinces to limit the benefits which was distributed during the election period).

12. exploitation of state funds and resources in the electoral propaganda and mass propaganda and spending hundreds of billions of the people’s money. (Claim complained of disclose the amount Alantakhbayh publicity and compare them to disclose financial disclosure made by the year 2006).

13. conspiring with Election Commission to exclude some candidates and some Alvasin (investigative files of the Office Palmstbaadin of candidates and winners)

14. Distribution of thousands of pieces of state land to relatives and loyalists outside legal frameworks and constitutional powers that stressed the sanctity of public money (Mphaanh General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / to provide all data on land and real estate, which was distributed between the period of 2006 to 2014)

15. looting Real Estate former regime reserved for the benefit of the state of rigging and fraud and recorded the names of loyalists and associates (files saved between the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and Ministry of Finance / Real Estate State Aaltsgel real estate and the Municipality of Baghdad, one allocation of land belonging to a member of Saddam’s family and allocated to the current President of the Judicial Council file).

16. compromising the rights of the sea, land and river Iraqis (all files in the Secretariat and Head of the Chancellery of the body to the Chairman of the Board

Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Transport and on the construction of the port of Mubarak the Great, collusive agreements to Khor al-Amaya, and to abandon the defense of Iraq’s water rights with riparian countries and to alienate them).

17. rejection of the application of the federal democratic system, conducting a number of appeals against all legislation issued by the people’s representatives with a view to disable the decentralized system

And the federal system and the principles of peaceful transfer of power through the use of the Federal Court to issue Cancel laws such as the law of identifying States and provincial law and the law of the Judicial Council and the Law Cancel the Ministries of Labour and Municipalities and Public Works decisions. (Dozens of lawsuits resolved by the Federal You

Or withdrawn from the court or they are still under consideration).

18. exploit his influence to enable his relatives and in-laws and son of the resources of the state, which enabled them to blackmail contracting and senior civil servants through intervention in contracts

Ministries and capture billions of dollars as commissions, and the exploitation of the state’s resources and capabilities to achieve special interests and looting of properties, and the exercise of the powers and reforms, security, military and administrative outside the framework of the law and the Constitution. (You and administrative procedures and facilities and television interviews with complained of publicly confessed Bdoroldh one can even public prosecution approached the Lebanese judiciary on issues Criminal registered against his son and some of his close associates, and a lot of documents published in the media and networking sites about the role of his son and his relatives in the intervention of the State Administration and Control Bmphasalha.

19. steal half of oil sold to Jordan by (14) is a company registered in Lebanon, and (8) registered in Jordan companies transporting Iraqi oil to sell to Adrn

And steal half before the arrival of Adrn The money laundering and companies registered in the name Ibn al-Maliki or persons associated with them (Mphahh Jordanian and Lebanese authorities to make sure the names and work of companies registered as Ibn al-Maliki and his relatives)

20. exploited his job in the embezzlement of dedicated aircraft of the Iraqi state registered in his name contrary to the law. (Plane that requested by the General Secretariat of the Ministry of file

Transportation back to the origins of the ministry).

21. eavesdropping on phone calls as announced by the Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi, more than once, most recently on 04/25/2014 on a Baghdad canal

Constitutional violation of Article 40 of the Constitution: – (freedom of communication and correspondence, postal, telegraphic, telephonic, electronic and other guaranteed Yejuz not monitored or eavesdropping or disclosed ..).

22. breach of the independence of the independent bodies, and the use of limited ability gaunt figures and non-existent efficiency wish to manage the agency to ensure the loyalty and not to deviate from obedience, which affected their performance and prevent them from performing their functions, especially in the fight against corruption and the protection of freedom of expression and the media. (Amendments and changes made by the complained of these leaders formations without a return to the House of Representatives).

23. acquisition of the Iraqi Commission for broadcasting services and the transmitter (the Iraqi Media Network) and put them in sectarian dictatorial approach service, in order to autocracy and to cover up the violations and major violations of the constitution and laws. (All orders and directives issued by the complained of or the offices of the Secretariat of the House and files on the network After that is complained of isolating Media Network for control of the House of Representatives otherwise constitutional provisions and ordered the formation of the body).

24. adopted a sectarian approach Aqsaúaa left a large crack in the social ladder and promoted violence through his theory of the descendants of Husayn and over. (Apply Article (2 / paragraph 4) of the Terrorism Act No. 13 of 2005).

25. confiscated for the independence of the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice, and use it to mop file describes his opponents and the exclusion of senior Baathists to be used against the people and against his political opponents without obtaining the approval of the House of Representatives by the Accountability and Justice Law.

26. his administration’s top jobs in the state by proxy (the security ministries – the heads of independent bodies – agents Wazzrarat – military leaders – those not related to the Ministry in custody Baghdad) to prevent the House from performing its role in the ratification of those jobs, and enable it to dislodge from out of obedience to him and use figures are not eligible or otherwise corrupt the constitutional text.

27. seizing the media and communications and confiscated their independence and their use in the confiscation of freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of the media, through the closure of satellite TV critic for his performance and his approach and sectarian dictatorship.

28. The purchase of receivables and satellite media corrupt and pens with state funds to support the uniqueness and power of sectarian approach in the state administration. (Overture cabinet to limit money spent on official media, which mocked the means of personal information to the accused and political bloc)

29. caused the loss of over 800 billion US dollars of Iraq’s money without achieves done one, not on the level of security and economic

Nor the service. (Request revealed by the Ministry of Finance revealed projects that have been completed in 15 districts during the Iraqi Trúsh cabinet.).

30. inability and failure in the state, which has caused a huge deficit of state institutions to provide services to citizens and administration, there is no electricity, no water, no security, no justice and health

Nor education nor streams despite extradited budgets explosive stole most of his followers and is affiliated with it (matching between the government program which I swear to implement it in another state of him and the reality of security and service organizations)

Lawyer Full-Hassani, former Judge Rahim Hassan Ugaili

Deputy secretary general secretary of the National Research Center for Legal and Judicial Studies