Exploitative black bag that accompanies Obama wherever solution?

Exploitative black bag that accompanies Obama wherever solution?

Follow-Iraq Press -13 February 2015

Exploitative black bag that accompanies Obama wherever solutionMany people wonder about the mystery of the black leather pouch that follow successive American presidents Kzlhm wherever they go, and this bag is only a store of nuclear secrets that allow the president to make a decision a nuclear strike anywhere it resides.

And called on the black bag label “nuclear football”, and contain confidential elements give the president the possibility to deal with any potential threat to national security, through a nuclear strike within minutes, even if the President away from fixed command centers, including the White House situation room.

On the official level, referred to as the mysterious black bag with “presidential emergency bag”, usually carried by a senior military assistant to the president of the five, and be Palmtnol permanently in case of any emergency, according to the newspaper Business Insider America.

He says the former director of the military office in the White House, Bill Gully, if this bag does not contain the red button to launch nuclear missiles, but also includes four key elements to deal with emergencies.

These elements are 75 pages of black writers, including a nuclear strike retaliatory options, a printed red and black ink, and another book includes a list of secret that could turn President them in situations of risk sites, in addition to the Manila folder that contains 10 pages of the operating system instructions broadcast of emergency, and the index card with the authentication codes.

In some cases, highlights a small antenna of the bag, suggesting a more complex inside and touch devices and equipment, and is subject to the officers in charge of carrying a black bag to Tahelm exercises to assist the President in the management of any nuclear attack within a few minutes.

The former US Secretary of Defense Robert Macnamar The designation “nuclear football” came from the concept of “Drop Kick”, which is the code name given to the secret nuclear war plan, and the need to initiate this plan kicked one of these balls according to this concept.

And wherever the US president went must be followed this bag, whether it’s in the presidential plane or helicopter or car moving in or even inside the elevators aircraft, and on one occasion was seen aides of former President Bill Clinton as they were running behind him on the White House complex, carrying the bag during practice exercises sports.

It is worth mentioning that the concept of “emergency bag” presidential appeared for the first time in the era of President John F. Kennedy, during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, and after that the National Security officers saw that it was necessary that the president has the possibility of unlimited access to the war plan Alnowih.anthy (1 )