Leading role in the national forces to prevent al-Maliki calls from travel

Leading role in the national forces to prevent al-Maliki calls from travel


Leading role in the national forces to prevent al-Maliki calls from travelBAGHDAD / Sky Press / revealed a source close on Thursday that one of the leading national forces called for the need to prevent the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the former Nuri al-Maliki, from traveling outside Iraq, for his involvement security issues and the wasting of public money, according to a source.

The source told / Sky Press /, that “al-Maliki cause bankrupt the state treasury and waste of public money and involved a major security issues requires Bmhacpth and submit it to the Iraqi judiciary nearest opportunity,” stressing “the need to prevent him and his aides involved from traveling outside Iraq.”

He was chairman of the parliamentary defense and security, carry the day, the previous government led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the responsibility of the Romanian arms deal, which amounted to Daash.

The Chairman of the Committee, of quitting, during a meeting with Romanian ambassador in Iraq, Jakob Prada, said that “my day Ambassador to clarify what I have I raised an official letter to the Iraqi government on the arms, which reached the Daash authorizing the Iraqi and US $ 300 million, with funding from one of the neighboring countries have been deal clarification that the Romanian state is not involved and the innocent ones, but was ordered by mafias and arms dealers are taking advantage of these acts Iraqi authorization, which was given by the previous government to a non Nzihien dealers and used badly sending weapons and equipment for Doaash. ”

Zamili and “on the ground show that Maimitlleke Daash of weapons to countries and there Atemtlkha arms deals come to them from the outside and the inside.”

“The government was wrong to give such authorization to unfair figures were invested badly in bringing large weapons were used against Iraq,” adding, “it was on Thursday, giving the names of traders who contracted with mafias weapons either in the contract or in the other, and with the help of government Romania to stop armament contracts. ”

For his part, the ambassador said, Jakob Prada, that “Romania is far from the deal and was not involved with because the authorization provided by the Iraqi government has received notice of the names of the merchants,” pointing out that “the Romanian government will stop this particular contract and it is part of the international coalition to fight Daash a Iraq’s friend and is tied to no bad thing Z