AP: Obama submitted a request to Congress for the purpose of sending combat troops to Mosul within a week

Associated Press: Obama submitted a request to Congress for the purpose of sending combat troops to Mosul within a week

02/10/2015 18:23

Associated Press - Obama submitted a request to Congress for the purpose of sending combat troops to Mosul within a weekAp translation Ahmed Alaa tomorrow Press / Baghdad: it seems that Washington has begun to change its political toward Iraq after an increase in the risk of organizing “Daash” in Iraq, US President Barack Obama yesterday so he asks the US Congress a mandate from Congress, allowing him to deploy ground combat troops in Iraq, particularly in Mosul anti-regulation “Daash.” Obama’s request came after the Activity latter organization, which led to the killing of Jordanian pilot and a group of foreign and US hostages in the city of Mosul, in response to the raids International Alliance of the US-led against the militants, “Daash.” in Congress on the face Specifically hold elections to win new candidates, and of course the substance of terrorism and organized extremist and his presence in Iraq is an article fatty propaganda campaign of the candidates, so experts agree that the invitation of US President to deploy combat troops, is only a change in Ssayasth because he does not know who will win the next elections, which could lead to embarrass him again. get congressional approval for the deployment of US troops in Iraq again, Obama must find a balance between legislators who support the fight against the organization “Daash” and including members of his own party, and among the members who are concerned that the deployment of combat troops in Iraq means re-involvement in the the country once again a new war will be long-running certainly. In 2002, the US Congress passed a mandate to President George W. Bush allows him to use force against Iraq. Today, Obama is working on the same approach taken by his predecessor, by trying to take a mandate to launch an attack on extremist organization in Iraq, as well as pressure on rivals aspiring to run for the presidency. US President works today with the license granted to Bush by Congress, which passed by Congress after the attacks atheist ten of Spettmr. Here’s critics say the White House, that these licenses to fight the terrorist group is an extension of Bush for the work carried out the deployment of US troops in Iraq and then subjected to harm and destruction that suffer from it to this day. Obama and by virtue of the legal authority available published just days after gunmen seized control of “Daash” city of Mosul 2,700 US troops, trainers and consultants form their focus on training and development of the Iraqi army and give tips to Iraqi security forces. Today the US president calls for a new license is granted legal legitimacy for the deployment of combat forces “is not an advisory” in Iraq to eliminate extremist organization. It is expected lawmakers, the White House, Congress would approve a medicine made ​​by Obama at the end of this week, especially as the administration officials at the White House held consultations with Democrats and Republicans, to explain the reasons for the request for the deployment of combat troops in Mosul specifically. An official in Congress, the White House did not submit to the day the request formally Although he completed the project. An official in Congress last, he would ask the President to sign a document oblige the White House to change the demand after three years, because in the case came a new president may not withdraw troops from areas of conflict and this is what he wants Congress. in the sense explained, that the new president in the event of arrival to the White House will be free to choose the survival of troops or not because the option will be open in front of him. He says a White House official, who declined to be named, said the US president in the event of the approval of Congress, it would deploy US troops in Iraq without geographic locations conditional in the sense that there are intentions to deploy combat troops in the whole of Iraq. US problems today in Congress Specifically, lies in how to deploy these forces and where exactly, because no geographical limitation of publication of the combat troops in Iraq, The Congress wants deployed in conflict zones and in a limited way and not on the line of direct confrontation with the “Daash” so as not to give further losses, according to the face of view. Workers in congressional officials spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Foreign Relations Committee, submitted a proposal to the White House before the end of the constitutional work, to deploy combat troops in Iraq for the next three years to fight the militants, “Daash”, and it seems that Congress rejected this initiative, viewing it seriously. Senator Mendez, that Congress had not seen the final wording written by the White House. Adding that the role of Alkengrs today opposed the idea of the White House, especially after the inauguration of the Democrats of the Committee on Foreign Relations. For his part, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, said: “The new license must be flexible enough and can be used not only against the militants,” Daash “but to go after extremist organizations that are trying to break away from the “Daash” in the post as well as the follow-up work in Europe for radical Islamist organizations, which oversees the sending of foreign fighters into Iraq. He said Hatch yesterday in the Senate, said the goal of strategic We have to defeat “Daash” must be effective and is based on specific time. objecting time itself, to those who are trying to ban the use of ground forces and Alzmohm time and validity of specific. In this case the US President to continue his army Iraqi forces and equipping training and increase accompanied by combat forces air strikes on the ground, of course. He adds a US military official, said the fighting would be very difficult and important time himself to Iraqi forces, noting in the same context, the absence of a specific time for the start of the planned attack to regain Mosul or other areas from the grip of militants “Daash.” said Sen. Brian Katz: “Let’s be clear, that the reconstruction of shoes on the ground in Iraq process must be funky and this is what he wants Congress, that want to give another chance to the US military carry out its tasks of a new Iraq. ”