Gen. David Petraeus: Iran Chen incumbent upon the United States in Iraq

Gen. David Petraeus: Iran Chen incumbent upon the United States in Iraq

Posted 03/02/2015 04:20 PM

Gen David Petraeus - Iran Chen incumbent upon the United States in IraqMale American site “Daily Beast”, that ” Iran makes it impossible for the United States to defeat organizing Daash, and demanded Washington need to stop pretending that they could work with Tehran to defeat the terrorist organization because Iran’s real goal is to defeat America.

He spoke Site US, what was written by Gen. David Petraeus, former commander of US forces in Iraq in 2007, where he wrote in a weekly report to the defense minister at the time, Robert Gates, in which he said he was considering telling the president his belief that Iran Chen incumbent upon the United States in Iraq, despite all US public and government responses that could result from such disclosure. ”

Petraeus said he “strongly believes that Iran is seeking to more than just influence in Iraq and possibly agents adopted to fight America, believing that the telecom powers can keep them in the event of a distraction while trying to build nuclear weapons and the establishment of the Mahdi Army to become like Hezbollah. ”

Daily Beast and followed that “there was no doubt then that Iran was a very dangerous enemy, nor Ingy be no doubt now, too,” pointing to “Barack Obama’s administration failed to understand that fact makes the task of defeating Daash more difficult and perhaps even impossible every day . There are lessons that can utilize them of the experience of the past decade, and the last two weeks, but what is not clear whether Washington or the American public will accept it because it involves re-US link in a much larger battle scene,

As a result, what we saw was more like the behavior of the head buried in the desert sand and pretend that the disaster does not occur and should at least have clarity on those basic Alhakaúv. In Syria and Iraq, and where America is facing organization Daash, the enemy, the enemy is not her boyfriend, but is also the enemy. ”

He went on site Daily Beast that “Iran’s influence since the inside Daash Mosul in June last has led to a wave of sectarian violence and expulsion against Sunnis in the country, by the Iranian-backed Shiite militias, but sometimes with the complicity of the Iraqi security forces and in time, which began when talking about the output of Daash Kobanî, after a siege that lasted five months