UNAMI: the martyrdom and wounding 3,615 Iraqis as a result of the violence in the past month

UNAMI: the martyrdom and wounding 3,615 Iraqis as a result of the violence in the past month

Sunday, February 1, 2015 14:20

UNAMI - the martyrdom and wounding 3615 Iraqis as a result of the violence in the past month[Baghdad-where]

United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq announced [UNAMI], on Sunday, the death of an Iraqi and wounded 3,615, because of the terrorist attacks that the country witnessed during last January.

According to a statement of the mission received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it today, that “1,375 Iraqis were killed, and wounded 2,240 others wounded in acts of violence and terrorism that occurred during the month of January,” he said, adding that “the number of civilian martyrs reached 790 people [including 59 martyrs of the civil police forces, while the number of civilian casualties has reached 1,469 people [including 69 civilian police forces]. ”

“As a component of the 585 employees of the Iraqi army forces killed and wounded 771 others.”

The statement said that “Baghdad province was the hardest hit among the provinces during the month of January with a total of civilian casualties amounted to 1,014 people [256 martyrs and 758 wounded, according to information obtained by the mission of the Directorate of Health Anbar, it is up to the end of the day 31 of January, fell in the province of civilian victims of a total 779 people, 195 martyrs and 584 wounded, and this includes 49 martyrs and 375 wounded in Ramadi, 146 martyrs and 209 wounded in Fallujah. ”

He noted that “in Diyala province, the number of victims has reached 114 martyrs and 49 wounded, followed by Salahuddin province, with 100 killed and 52 wounded, and Nineveh, 85 martyrs and 12 injured and Kirkuk 14 martyrs and wounded six.”

He pointed out that “the mission faced obstacles in verifying effectively the number of victims in areas of conflict, and the figures given for the victims in Anbar province was obtained by the mission of the Department of Health in the province.”

The statement continued that “the mission has not been able in some cases to verify the authenticity of some of the incidents, but only partially, the mission has also received – without being able to validate it – reports the occurrence of large numbers of victims, along with an unknown number of people who have died due to the side effects of violence after fleeing their homes because of their exposure to conditions, including water, food, medicines and health care shortage, “and called for” considering the figures presented here as an absolute minimum “.anthy