“Parliamentary Finance” is contrary to the 2015 budget austerity and seek to shrink

“Parliamentary Finance” is contrary to the 2015 budget austerity and seek to shrink

Posted 29/12/2014 08:15 AM

Parliamentary Finance is contrary to the 2015 budget austerity and seek to shrinkParliamentary Finance Committee revealed its intention to reduce the general budget for the year 2015, hosting ministers next week to review the disbursements each ministry separately, the House of Representatives declared reduce staff and ministers’ salaries by between 10 to 50%.

The committee member said Jabbar Abdul Khaliq Sharif, “The parliamentary Finance Committee plans to cut the budget and offer both budget ministries alone to determine the extent of disbursements and reduced, and will be hosting the Minister in the House of Representatives for this purpose next week.”

And that “the current expenditure was up to 80 trillion dinars were reduced to exactly half, as well as reducing the goods service to all ministries until the amount reached 39 trillion after it had been in the 65 trillion dinars in the previous year’s budget,” persisting “reduction included furniture and buy cars and stuff is necessary. ”

He said Sharif, “as employees’ salaries were cut in the House of Representatives and the ministers who paid more than a million and a half million dinars per month, at rates ranging between 10-50%.”

And on the current income tax law to talk about it, Sheriff points out that “the new taxes in the budget of 2015 relating to the necessary needs of the citizen, but will be imposed on secondary matters is finding alternatives to them, as it is not the law will be launched, but a specific tax for a period of one year.”

For his part, sees Committee member Faleh applicable, that “next year’s budget of 125 trillion dinars, which is a very huge amount indicates that the country does not need to adopt austerity.”

He said in effect that “some of the ministries have been allocated in the budget, the amount of three billion for the purposes of maintaining the ministry only a building,” noting that “the parliamentary finance committee will review the expenses of all the individual departments and maintaining the necessary disbursements only.”

As for the income tax, Fischer applicable to that “taxes imposed on Kartat mobilize mobile phone balances amounting to 20%, they are targeted at users who Iserfon in the use of mobile phones, these financial situation is good, the middle and lower classes in the habit use only card or two in the month, so the tax would not hurt this class. ”

He went on to say, “The car tax are 12%, a percentage will be large compared to luxury cars acquired by those with access and high business owners and senior officials prices, while the cars that suit their prices with those with medium and low incomes Taxes will not constitute a large percentage of the price,” pointing to “The taxes included Kartat mobile and cars only.”

He adds force “new taxes imposed in place globally not exclude anyone, and should the Iraqi people from the obligation to pay the electricity, water and tax evasion than in past years, wages”, calling on citizens to “the participation of the government in the face of the fiscal deficit, which is estimated at more than 23 trillion dinars. ”