McCain: Iraq is moving in the right direction and we have to help him out of the financial crisis [Expanded]

McCain: Iraq is moving in the right direction and we have to help him out of the financial crisis [Expanded]

Saturday, 27 December / 1 December 2014 16:17

McCain - Iraq is moving in the right direction and we have to help him out of the financial crisis - Expanded[Baghdad-where]

A member of the US Senate, Senator John McCain, who is currently visiting Baghdad that “Iraq is heading in the right road, in the political and security spheres, especially in fighting al Daash.”

He said McCain in a panel discussion, media held at the US embassy in Baghdad, attended by all of Iraq [where], that “the Iraqi government headed by Haider al-Abadi has achieved advanced strides in my politics and security,” he said, adding that “Abadi succeeded in unifying the Iraqi factions, and there are efforts serious in building the state. ”

He said McCain “Iraqis of all sects and Qomaythm agree on the need for all of the training and support of weapons and they do not need to enter the ground, and their government and drove all spectra of the Iraqi people, which is positive and we are happy to be there with a clear strategy for the government, and has achieved successes and gains”, and expressed the hope ” At the end of the political conflict, but it takes time. ”

McCain stressed “the need to begin the process of freeing Anbar province from al Daash by the city of Mosul,” pointing out that “the Iraqi government will arming four thousands of people from the tribes in Anbar within the National Guard planned forces formed”, is certain that “the training and arming of these will be through government Iraqi. ”

He said the “training of these forces [tribal militants] takes time, but may not exceed six weeks or two months.”

The US senator from the Republican Party former candidate for the presidency of the United States, that “the current US administration has warned Iraqi forces from editing Mosul without proper preparation, there is no thing worse than the attempt fails,” adding that “most people think that Iraqi forces were not quite ready for such an operation “.

And “We heard that the training programs of the fighters in Anbar against Daash and provide the necessary equipment to do that is enough to get the job done.”

He continued, “No one is believed to be defeating al Daash one fell swoop he enjoys freedom of movement between the Iraqi-Syrian border and there is involvement of young people in its ranks, therefore, eliminate it needs time not soon.”

McCain and take it “foolish organization that treats Daash in Iraq differently from Syria or vice versa, it does not respect borders,” he said. On.

“I think that the defeat will not be Daash through Iraq, there is only the training and arming of young Syrians and their involvement in terrorist organizations.”

He stressed the US Senator that “the international coalition is very serious in eliminating the terrorist organization and there in the umbrella coalition countries have adopted positive steps, such as Jordan, who has promised a few days ago to train a group of Iraqi army.”

McCain praised “the achievements of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the past few weeks the task of victories in northern Iraq, including in Jebel Sinjar, has fought well, which is also needed to support the arming and training.”

He added, “I do not expect them [the Peshmerga] to go to Syria to fight despite Daash sent a battle group to Kobanî,” adding “I hope that the two leaders agree Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and KRG president Massoud Barzani in addressing common security and cooperation file it.”

He stressed US Senator John McCain on the need for the country’s administration “role in helping Iraq to get out of its economic crisis and financial cooperation with partners and find other outlets economic assistance to non-oil resources.”

He concluded his speech, McCain said, “I do not expect miracles situation of Iraq, but we are optimistic Ssagadrh and understanding are on the right road,” .anthy