Talabani: the budget will be approved without problems

Talabani: the budget will be approved without problems and Maysan refuses to reduce the amount of petrodollars

12/27/2014 10:20 GMT

Talabani - the budget will be approved without problemsFollow-up – and babysit – the Kurdistan Alliance said the federal budget for 2015 will be approved in parliament without problems.
The chairwoman of the coalition in parliament, Alaa Talabani said all the political blocs agreed on the budget and there are no problems, adding that the recent agreement between the province and the center has a positive impact on the adoption of the federal budget.

For its part, announced that the local government in the province of Maysan rejected the petro-dollar reduction amounts to two dollars instead of five dollars for every barrel so as to maintain the urgent need for these amounts.

The governor said Maysan Ali Douai in a press statement that he “will resort to all means legal and peaceful means in the case of the central government in its dealings characterized amounts of petrodollars among oil-producing provinces.”

He pointed out that the Douai “Maysan still suffering from a heavy legacy and the financial deficit in the current period, added a huge burden on them, calling to speed regardless of these benefits.” Q, Q