Deputy: Iraq is obliged to pay the cost of US operations

Deputy: Iraq is obliged to pay the cost of US operations


Deputy - Iraq is obliged to pay the cost of US operationsA new report of the Centre for Research Service of the US Congress reported that the cost of US military operations in Iraq from 2003 until its withdrawal in 2011 amounted to $ 815 billion.

The Finance Committee, House of Representatives member Abdulkadir Mohammed said Iraq is obliged to pay the US war costs where or against terrorism, adding that Iraq will bear the greatest weight of material losses in its war with the organization “Daash,” expected that the Iraqi government will need to borrow from abroad to fill need of gear and weapons.

It is believed to parliamentary Finance Committee member Hamid al-Mutlaq said the US successive governments bear the negative consequences of the wars waged by the United States, calling Washington’s seriousness in the purification of the country to organize “Daash.”

For his part, noted security expert Ahmad Sharifi that the war waged by the United States was the cause of sunk economic and political crises at home and abroad, expressing his belief that the war on Iraq in 2003 and the previous fabricated because of faulty intelligence information.

The US Defense Department announced earlier that the average daily cost of fighting organization “Daash” terrorist totaled $ 8.3 million, and reached the overall $ 580 million in the period from August 8 to 16 October of this year, while the US military experts predicted that the cost of the war against al-Daash three billion dollars a year.