Advisor to the Prime Minister: 2015 budget will be devoted to arming the government

Advisor to the Prime Minister: 2015 budget will be devoted to arming the government intends to stop the financial waste by austerity

21/12/2014 11:01 GMT

Advisor to the Prime Minister - 2015 budget will be devoted to arming the governmentFollow-up – and babysit – prime minister for economic affairs adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the budget next year will be devoted to serve the military effort and spending on military operations against terrorist organizations.
Saleh explained in a press statement, said that “the way ahead supplied revenues and resources for the treasury would work towards supporting and arming the security forces and the popular crowd, stressing that the process of reducing the budget deficit and the restructuring of all expenses and turn toward support arming the government.”

He noted that “the government would resort to procedures first to stop the financial waste in the budget before heading to the austerity and rationalization of government spending, said that the budget will not see austerity as much as what rationalize government expenditure and that there are serious treatments were formulated in the next year, including balancing the subject of names phantom in payrolls State institutions who termed them (the aliens) and review appointments outside controls and address the reality of disguised unemployment in state departments and the abolition of deputations and hospitality, furniture and cars own expenses. ”

And between the Prime Minister’s Advisor, “The government is moving to be included in the appointments to functional grades on the basis of qualitative codified and avoid unnecessary employment, stressing that it is time to reform the public budget and the rationing of government expenditures for the benefit of the most priority sectors for the next phase.”

Played down in favor of “The repercussions of the drop in oil prices in world markets on the economic situation in Iraq and said that the increase in oil exports will reduce the rate impact of falling oil price and achieve good returns for the Treasury could be invested in the general budget properly.”

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