Abadi writes an article in the “Wall Street Journal” about the possibility of defeat Daash and requirements

Abadi writes an article in the “Wall Street Journal” about the possibility of defeat Daash and requirements

December 20, 2014 19:17

Abadi writes an article in the Wall Street Journal about the possibility of defeat Daash and requirements (Independent) … the deployment of the Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, an article in the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal,” the US about the possibility of defeat “Daash” and requirements that must be available for the challenge of security, stability and consensus within Iraq.

Ebadi said in his article, seen by (independent) on Saturday said that “Iraqis are defending themselves against terrorists crossing the border on the front of the fighting and the internal foreheads As we go forward to liberate every inch of our territory and every segment of our citizens from organizing Daash terrorist, we are also dealing with resentment that leads to terrorism. ”

He added that “while military action is necessary to expel Daash of land that we love, but there will be no lasting victory without government reform and national reconciliation and the economic and social reconstruction,” adding that “exclusion breeds extremism.”

Abadi said, “We established a National Guard troops that would fight alongside the Iraqi army and we fully support the equipping and training Kurdish forces efforts to ensure work seamlessly with the Iraqi security forces.”

Abadi and pointed out that “we are working with the United States and our international partners to train and equip the tribal fighters who were fighting alongside Iraqi security forces will be some individuals from these groups to integrate into the Iraqi security forces and National Guard wherever possible.”

Abadi said that “we are currently seeking to restore relations with Sunni tribes in areas that fall under the control of Daash and these tribes are arming and fighting alongside Iraqi security forces,” stressing saying “we will modify the Justice and Accountability Act, which will be treated to the theme of de-Baathification, which happened after the fall of Saddam and the Baath Party, and our goal is to ease the reintegration into society composed of many former government employees who have not committed crimes against the Iraqi people. ”

Prime Minister pointed out that “at a time in which we build our security forces we do to fight corruption and inefficiency and retail have you put aside two dozen generals as well as 24 officers at the Interior Ministry,” adding that “there will be no more ghost soldiers on the payroll and more officers and corrupt leaders nor more battalions fleeing from the battlefield. ”

He said al-Abadi said that “our government has ratified the agreement a long-awaited and long-term with the Kurdistan Regional Government,” stressing that “this historical understanding stipulates that the Iraqi oil belongs to all Iraqis It provides for an equitable sharing of oil revenues as well as the sharing of resources and responsibilities to defend and serve all our people. ” (END)