Talabani’s party: What edited Peshmerga of Daash created the application Article 140 and restore Lands Kurdistan

Talabani’s party: What edited Peshmerga of Daash created the application Article 140 and restore Lands Kurdistan

Saturday, 20 December / 1 December 2014 12:21

Talabanis party - What edited Peshmerga of Daash created the application Article 140 and restore Lands Kurdistan[Baghdad-where]

Counting the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by former President Jalal Talabani that “What edited Peshmerga forces from land of terrorists Daash have prepared the ground for the application of Article 140 of the Constitution” for the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas.

A statement by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “Daash is wrapped to understand, and having created a crisis for the draft federal Iraq and deepen the political and social problems in Iraq and the region, and they put their plans to undermine the federal democratic political process in Iraq and Kurdistan, to be able to dominate on the region, particularly in the south of Iraq and Kurdistan as well as Syria and Western Kurdistan. ”

“When I was a strong thorn in Syria, moved to Iraq, and achieved victories unexpected in the provinces [Nineveh, Anbar and Salah al-Din] and some other areas, and it was for these victories, signed and its impact on the course for the tragedy Chenkal [Sinjar].”

The statement pointed out that “Aldoaash savages may have crossed in Chenkal [Sinjar and Shiite areas and boundaries of Christianity and brutality, and re Bouhhithm face criminals history, and within three months they were able to overcome the crimes committed by criminals through dozens of years.”

He pointed out that “the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan have been warned for years of those forces and risks of Salafism and mass murder, as it fought Bdharoah in areas of Halabja, and when I put the power of random killing like Daash south of Kurdistan borders to confront threats, we drew attention early in the south of Kurdistan to the seriousness of this policy and this threats, and stressed the need to change defense policy to the editorial policy campaigns, and for that did not spare no effort in the struggle and sacrifices. ”

And that “As a result of the policy of military attack and support us from the world and the region, check Fortunately a very large victory in the provinces of Diyala, Kirkuk and parts of drunken and some important places of Nineveh,” adding that “At the same time the Peshmerga forces themselves prepared under the supervision of the region’s president for large-scale offensive, to edit Chenkal and its environs from those savages. ”

A statement by the National Alatkhhad Kurdistan “was a national responsibility lies with us to liberate Chenkal [Sinjar] at this time, because the occupation and injustice inflicted Balaesidean after the tragedies of the Anfal and Halabja, was Mngsa the minds of our people, and did not heal those Almtkhna surgeon only editing Chenkal and rescue prisoners of war and retribution for the blood the martyrs and the oppressed in that region. ”

“I’ve had the Peshmerga forces three days ago in cooperation with the Air Force of the International Alliance super champion, began operations edit Mount Chenkal and surrounding villages and towns, they returned them” as a cause of the outburst and pride, that the Peshmerga forces achieved a major victory in Tahrir attack, and inflict Aldoaash arrogant big setback , this will be the beginning of the strategic victory for the Liberation of the rest of Kurdistan, especially the Kurdish areas outside the region, in the provinces of Kirkuk, Nineveh and Salahuddin. “.

He added that “another risk exclusion from the Diyala province, especially the pan Khanaqin will have a significant effect to weaken the military Daash capabilities in Iraq and west of Kurdistan.”

The statement stressed that the “Edit Chenkal [Sinjar] other Kurdish areas outside the region under Article 140, is not the liberation of the people and the land from the clutches of a savage enemy, such as Daash, but also proof of the fact that the disputed her areas membership limits south of Kurdistan relations, and that the fate determines the fate of failure and the triumph of the people of Kurdistan, so when it is the occupation and Chenkal Jalawla and Saadia and Solomon and your drunken, Arabs chauvinists Mulls more consideration in the provincial government and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Democratic Party remiss. ”

He pointed out that “Peshmerga Kurdish forces while making now the honor of editing these areas and rescued hope that these facts have created a historic ground fixed on in the mind and conscience of all parties to the application of Article 140 on the ground, and may not be again the ground situation and the people who liberated the blood of the Peshmerga and martyrs, hostage justification is feasible to restore those areas to the mother of Kurdistan. ”

The political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan “and congratulated the president of the region and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Peshmerga forces to achieve these victories over enemies obscurantist, and we are waiting for editing the last inch in those areas,” adding that “this historic occasion, we salute the martyrs of Kurdistan and stress [O martyrs who will remain your names Khaleda] The witness Cyprkm parents of girls and women Yezidis fever, and make the glories of the Peshmerga pillar of the new phase of contemporary Alkrdaeta. ”

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) also congratulated “the people of Kurdistan this victory, but not on the doors Bushra victory western Kurdistan Peshmerga fighters in Kobanî and western Kurdistan, Greetings to you one by one, my commanders and officers and peshmerga who gave their lives for the Kurds and Kurdistan Freedom” .anthy