Maliki received a stronger message of Ghalib alshabandar: ye have corrupted the history of the Dawa Party

Maliki received a stronger message of Ghalib alshabandar: ye have corrupted the history of the Dawa Party

12/16/2014 14:30

Maliki received a stronger message of Ghalib alshabandar - ye have corrupted the history of the Dawa PartyTomorrow Press / Baghdad: face thinker Ghalib alshabandar strongly worded “and frank” message to the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the enclosing them very phrases and clear criticism of the march, “the invitation and al-Maliki” Upon receipt of power, stressing that “spoiled Hmokh and call history Panthajh party individual policy blindly in the state administration and the party, “as he called to” atone for the plight of the party on his hands and the hands of Mahazibah. ”

Publishes “tomorrow Press” the message text:

Message to the near-term friendly Nuri al-Maliki
This brief letter writing to you following my reading of your article about the intellectual and organizational review of the Dawa Party, published in more than a Web site, and I am writing to you now as I write to you and about you earlier, straightforward, and if you did not Otmlqk not Ahapk not Ojaof As I wrote earlier, the belief Pfchri and freedom I will abide by the same standards, and the faith of more and stronger Pfchri and my freedom, too, and more, in the belief in the sanctity of truth, O Abu Israa. First and foremost was the article in form and substance and treated in a very weak and Alrkakh, and as I read it once and twice, take the initiative to mind a question that, see if this He thought the Secretary of the Islamic Dawa Party, and this is his style, Vhaka the Dawa Party should review his career, and examines his fate, and reconsider through as it is, especially after the involvement quagmire governance, pests, and Altbacth, where he looked back unless the unthinkable, This telling of leather, shaking his conscience, and if b (Islamic) that the others were wary of approaching him, because they are not its level, nor Btehrh, nor Bafth, nor Bnsaah conscience, became the scourge of governance, the one who are afraid to approach him, what brought on himself and his party from the already outrageous and practice, and the plight of the glamorous world and the deadly engage in it! Is not it true, O Abu Isra?

I do not want here to enter a long and broad Bsjal for the content of the article, which came as I said in broken miserable form and content, but I would like to ask you, the former Prime Minister of Iraq, but my secretary of the Islamic Dawa Party, why you and Mahazibwk and I know very well be reluctant to bring the issue, the issue of review, and evade it? The sites were full of articles and writings about the necessity of this review? Personally, I wrote an article in Elaph site entitled: (end of the Dawa Party, the end of al-Maliki and the end of al-Maliki at the end of the Dawa party), calling for a reconsideration of the march, although I came out of the scourge of political Islam circle, but I think of the Dawa party, because Iraqi party tradition, gave hundreds or even thousands martyrs on the path of morality and construction, until I came you, my brother and Mahazibwk and spoiled the rest of the Hmokh and history, Panthajk individual policy blindly, in the state administration, and management of the party, if you really believe in the party and the ideas of the party and the fate of the party. I do not want prolongation, but you will allow me to I present you some of the perceptions of what can be done to atone for the plight of the Dawa party on your hands and the hands of Mahazibak, Mahazibak who decorate you Satwa brute force and the law and ethics and snapping Altgalb?

Yes, I will do so at your fingertips but did not allow me, because my conscience will be held accountable as I did not make it, because I believe what I say, and God everything martyr. Greetings again …

My dear brother, nor intimidates you in what I say, as I am not afraid (greatness) your power and your strength, because I know and God is witness to what I say, it’s greatness is not Bmahlha, and the authority is not derived from Sqa benevolent experience, nor the power based on objective criteria, but is the chance came by, and created, and did not even work on its development, but remained greatness in the air, empty of all content. My dear brother:

I advise you to stay away from the call, because the call is in itself, thought and history does not accept you, Tervdk right, especially you who have contributed to any contribution slaughtering, Bslkhha, Ptalebha the interests and aspirations of the self may, and may heyday lust rule abhorrent, they are the club from the depths to let go , perhaps heal the wounds bloody. I advise you to take as a line of Tolstoy, who I am confident that you have not read a single line, I advise you to give up all your possessions, money, and property, and jacket, and donates it to Iraq’s poor, to the poor of Iraq, to the families Victims Spyker, Saqlawiya and others, in order to sleep Report of mind, relieved Khater, if the hour came right, which may surprise us from one moment to another, O Abu Israa.

I advise you to go out to the world, and recognize our own mistakes enormous, against Iraq, and the right of the Shiites, and the right of the poor of the Dawa Party, the right of the faithful who swore to yourself that stamped on their foreheads deprived of the service of Iraq, where you’re searching for Hmaz pros and cons and lovers steal money and prestige cava, who despise the prey as are out of reach, but they are rushing it when it blocks the noses smell annoying harmful, would tell a lie against the Lord, whom you serve, O Abu Isra? I advise you to leave politics and tend to God, I am here, I am not a preacher, I will not be a preacher, your friend does not absolves himself, I am a sinner mis, steeped Bznobi, but I swear to you prep the dancers do not I here guilt and lust, to Mali from you is injustice and abuse and deprivation in strong thy strength apparent Almnkhur inwardly, trust is not for you from me is speaking out to the right and the truth no matter commanded because of the oppression or injustice or tyranny, because I (Ayesh net, my brother), and God protect me izny State and Government Tawyne, those are the Government of the infidels, and the state of the Christians, O Abu Israa.

Win yourself, impact on a past worth Revolution wholeheartedly you, and all the courage you, and turn to the Lord of Galilee, and as I told you I’m not a preacher, but not every mentor should be advised with the same committed, then it is dead philosophy, and perhaps the spiritual Nasaah and transparency Aldma├║ria, The mentor offers us what upright with our lives and is recognized at the same time, he is guilty mis. No, I hope in you, not in money, not in a piece of land price election, not in function compared to an article justifying might at which you perceive as powerful nation, and is the only trick you lives, not to “Qat” bring me from Paris Gift defense void, but that Atmni you to stay faithful friend to you in spite of all these tragedies, a friend screaming Vic forbidding as he believes in vain, and cheering you salute and tribute to what was he really believes, and peace be upon you and mercy.