Turkey announces start buying Iraqi oil from Baghdad and Erbil

Turkey announces start buying Iraqi oil from Baghdad and Erbil

Thu, December 11 1 / December 2014 16:06

Turkey announces start buying Iraqi oil from Baghdad and Erbil[Follow-where]

Turkey announced on Thursday, to start buying crude oil from Iraq.

He said Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said in press statements during an energy conference that “the Turkish oil refiner Tupras began to buy shipments of Iraqi crude.”

And that “the Turkish purchases of Iraqi oil will come from the central government and the Kurdistan region.”

The Turkey announcement -alta has a special tube with Alakulaim- a boost to resolve the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil, who agreed to a mechanism to export oil as it precedes the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to Ankara at the official invitation of his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu during his visit to Baghdad in 20 of the last month.

The federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government has announced in two of this month to reach an agreement in relation to oil exports and the region’s share of the budget.

Under the agreement, the export of the Kurdistan region 250 000 barrels per day through Turkey’s Ceyhan line with the export of 300 000 barrels of the province of Kirkuk fields through the same line, and delivery of their revenues to the federal government, which agreed to turn the Kurdish Peshmerga forces paying salaries as part of the Iraqi security system.

The two sides decided to hold meetings continued and the formation of joint committees to develop mechanisms in order to establish a true relationship based on the Constitution in accordance with the principle of partnership and justice, “according to the announcement by Oil Minister Adel Abdel Amahdi.anthy