Maliki break his silence and calls Abadi to be accurate and investigation of aliens

Maliki break his silence and calls Abadi to be accurate and investigation of aliens

Posted 09/12/2014 09:39 AM

Maliki break his silence and calls Abadi to be accurate and investigation of aliensMaliki broke his silence and said that what was said by his successor as prime minister Haider al-Abadi about the existence of 50 thousand imaginary soldier in the military led to eight years “is absolutely true.”

He said al-Maliki about what was raised about the existence of 50 thousand troops “space”, as described in Abadi four military teams, “There is no truth to this information was never properly and the army of aliens, only rare cases are prosecute and punish those responsible.”

The Abadi has revealed in his speech before the House of Representatives last week, “in record time, within one month, I was able to find out through a paper audit of 50 thousand in the space of four military teams.”

Maliki acknowledged the existence of this phenomenon in the Interior Ministry, but said it “is often found in the protections and regiments and provincial officials, and are also prosecuted and there is still a large number of them.”

He called on former Prime Minister executives and legislative officials to “provide information and figures are correct so that confusion does not occur in the House of Representatives or the Libyan arena.”

He asked al-Maliki said, “The owners of four teams is at the top of quorum 48 thousand soldiers and officers, how the number of aliens ghost or 50 thousand?”.

He continued, “There seems to be confusion between the term space which is registered and does not exist and is receiving his salary or his deputy, and between dropouts and a fugitive from service.”

He pointed out that he got the escape and leak in the four teams in Mosul and Salahuddin after the events Daash, adding that they cut their salaries immediately and did not receive their thing and they are under prosecution, and “is not correct to call them aliens but fugitives from the battle, and hunted legally and salary lump originally.”

Maliki and refers to military teams that collapsed in the tenth of June following the attack by the organization Daash controlled through the Mosul and Tikrit.

Maliki hinted at Haddath- according to Agence France-Presse to his successor, al-Abadi said, “We hope that the source of the information accuracy and investigation before launch, so as not to cause confusion exploited by those who want to abuse the security of the state and civil bodies.”

And called for the referral of those involved about aliens even though a small number to eliminate “because serious manifestation of corruption Harbnah strongly and still needs to be further legal or prosecution.”