Deputy: Erbil to Baghdad indebtedness of up to 21 trillion dinars

Deputy: Erbil to Baghdad indebtedness of up to 21 trillion dinars


Iraqi DinarSays a member of the Finance Committee, the House of Representatives that the indebtedness of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the federal government amounted to more than 21 trillion Iraqi dinars.

It adds MP Magda Tamimi in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that this amount came in the BSA for the month of March 2014 report.

But the Kurdistan region speaks to the contrary, noting that Baghdad condemned to Arbil 27 trillion dinars. He says the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ardalan Noureddine that conflicting statements between the governments of the center and the region must be resolved by a joint committee of the two parties stand on the facts, Noureddine did not rule out the existence of attempts to undermine the recent agreement between the two parties.

So says political analyst Jassem al-Moussawi said Baghdad was forced to turn a blind eye on the financial dues to the region in light of the weakness that is going through at the current stage in the light of the face “Daash” and the presence of an emerging government, he said.

As economist Majid picture that Scott believed Baghdad for dues to the region will stage a temporary, believing that there is poor administration to financial matters in Iraq.