Maliki accused of lying Abadi: are untrue to the presence of fifty thousand space in the army

Maliki accused of lying Abadi: are untrue to the presence of fifty thousand space in the army

December 8, 2014, 19:41

Maliki accused of lying Abadi - are untrue to the presence of fifty thousand space in the armyBAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

Deputy accused Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki, his successor as prime minister Haider al-Abadi of lying about the existence of fifty thousand imaginary soldier in the military. ”

Maliki said in response to a question at a press meetings and seen it ((eighth day)) about what was raised about the presence of fifty thousand troops “space” in four teams of military “There is no truth to this information was never properly from the aliens and the army only rare cases are prosecuted and punish those responsible. ”

Abadi was revealed in a speech to the House of Representatives earlier “in record time, within one month, I was able to discover sift through paperwork fifty thousand in the space of four military teams.”

Maliki acknowledged the existence of this phenomenon in the Interior Ministry, but said it “is often found in the protections and battalions officials and the provinces, and the prosecution are also still exists a large number of them.”

He called on former Prime Minister executives and legislatures that officials “provide information and figures are correct so that confusion does not occur in the House of Representatives or the Libyan arena.”

He asked al-Maliki, saying that “the angel of the four teams is at the top of quorum 48 000 soldiers and officers, how the number of aliens ghost or 50 thousand?”.

He continued, “There seems to be confusion between the term space which is registered and does not exist and is receiving his salary or his deputy, and between dropouts and a fugitive from service.”

Maliki said “Yes, in the four teams got the escape and leak in Mosul and Salahuddin Daash after the events, and Hola cut immediately and did not receive their salaries something while under prosecution is not right to call them aliens but fugitives from the battle, and legally persecuted and salary lump originally.”

He hinted al-Maliki in his speech to his successor, al-Abadi said, “We hope that the source of the information accuracy and investigation before launch, so as not to cause confusion exploited by those who want to harm state security, civil and apparatus.”

He called for “referral of those involved for aliens, even if a small number to the judiciary because it dangerous manifestation of corruption Harbnah strongly and still needs more legal or prosecution”. (AA)