Assem Jihad: the agreement with the province is not a substitute for oil and gas law

Assem Jihad: the agreement with the province is not a substitute for oil and gas law

December 8, 2014 8:47

Assem Jihad - the agreement with the province is not a substitute for oil and gas law Assem Jihad
(Independent) … Oil Ministry denied that the recent agreement with the Kurdistan Regional substitute for the oil and gas law, “citing” near to refer the law to the parliament for legislation. ”

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, in a press statement I followed (Independent) denying that “have this agreement a substitute for oil and gas law,” adding that “have this law and other laws relating to the oil file, are prepared in the Council of Ministers and will be forwarded soon for approval in Parliament to regulate the administration oil wealth not only with the region but also with other producing provinces, Iraq still needs to laws governing the management of this sector. ”

He added that “Kirkuk’s oil production and export will be under the agreement with the province under the supervision of the North Central Oil Company, and that the current production plan will export 300 000 barrels per day across the Kurdistan region, and that some production will shift to the Baiji refinery after his rehabilitation.”

He said Jihad agreement “important step to achieve convergence with the Kurdistan region and the removal of the outstanding problems,” adding that “the agreement will be allowed to benefit from the oil of Kirkuk stalled production for months, in addition to the advantage of the oil extracted from the fields of the region, and also that the agreement will face a crisis that exposed the country as a result of lower oil prices worldwide. ”

He said a spokesman for the oil, “the formation of committees to discuss the outstanding problems between the province and the center was the oil agreement Baba typically resolve accumulated other differences between the two parties.”

And around Kirkuk oil Jihad said he was “not expected to increase oil production Kirkuk currently about 300 000 barrels per day, noting that the former export rate did not exceed this figure, the Agreement is subject to the budget of 2015 and in the event of increases in Kirkuk’s oil production, will be taken into account in the budget the next, “noting that” the Iraqi government has already contracted with the company [BP] British to prepare studies on the Kirkuk oil development, and allowing increased production of oil fields. ”

The federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government had announced last Tuesday to reach an agreement in relation to oil exports and the region’s share of the budget.

The agreement included the export of the Kurdistan region 250 000 barrels per day through Turkey’s Ceyhan line with the export of 300 000 barrels of the province of Kirkuk fields through the same line, and delivery of their revenues to the federal government, which agreed to turn the Kurdish Peshmerga forces paying salaries as part of the Iraqi security system.

The two sides decided to hold meetings continued and the formation of joint committees to develop mechanisms in order to establish a true relationship based on the Constitution in accordance with the principle of partnership and justice, “according to the announcement by Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi. (End)