Allawi: the number of aliens may be up to a quarter million .. and should not prejudice the central reserve

Allawi’s “long-Press”: the number of aliens may be up to a quarter million .. and should not prejudice the central reserve

04/12/2014 (00:01 pm)

Allawi - the number of aliens may be up to a quarter million and should not prejudice the central reserveBAGHDAD / Zahra Jassim

Counting Iyad Allawi, Vice President of the Republic, on Wednesday, the changes made by Haider al-Abadi, head of the government, the security services as “inadequate,” and when he said that Iraq’s money lost because of spoilers, favored the possibility of a quarter of a million “space” in the security services .
As talked about the need to find alternatives to oil on the grounds of the United States not need him, called to diversify their sources of income in the country.
Allawi said, in an exclusive interview with the (long-Presse) that “the reforms carried out so far in the security services are inadequate, and should be in the framework of an integrated vision to arrange security and defense and intelligence policy,” returned to those “vision requires the involvement of the political forces and technicians military over armed of loyalties Regional. ”
He added the vice president said that “what happened from the changes in the security services represents one step in the right direction,” adding, “but to build a strong and fair security establishment needs to be longer, and out of the sectarian tunnel and quotas.”
Allawi said that “funds Iraq lost because of spoilers, “likely that” the number of aliens in the security services up to a quarter million, not 50 Alpha also announced the head of the Iraqi government. ”
The head of the National List of the need to “pursue corrupt files after those changes in the security services,” stressing the importance of “investigation Obviously on those aliens, because of their subject matter homeland and safety, as matter of citizens, especially after the security breakdowns that have occurred recently in front of a terrorist clique number simple. ”
He believed Allawi that “corruption and corrupt enabled terrorism from messing up in Baghdad belt”, returned to it, “demonstrates that what is built before been on the basis of corruption, noting that “the problem now is not in the security situation and not Bdaash armed militias only, but is in the kidnapping also killings.”
Allawi said, “it is now necessary research to find alternatives to oil by the Iraqi government, the the basis of the lack of need for the United States of oil now, “calling for immediate action, such as the diversity of Iraqi sources of income and thinking Bills government for a period ranging between three to five years, with the pressure of government public expenditure.”
He pointed Allawi to need to think fast procedures to obtain an amount ranging between 25 to 30 billion dollars to the Iraqi treasury, “noting that” a portion of these funds should be through the sale of state-owned factories to the private sector. ”
Allawi said that “such a move would need to legislate laws immediately so that the investor can buy plants, This step are bound to add to the Iraqi treasury up to nine billion dollars, “pointing out that” this matter if they are ranked 2015 would put Iraq in 2016 the best and easiest economic aspect, especially if accompanied by a security stability. ”
The head of the Iraqi National List of ” access to the cash reserves of Iraq, because it is the basis for the safety of Iraq’s economic but also represents an international guarantee to him, “noting that” the manipulation of the cash reserves of Iraq will happen to us inflation and then very dangerous avalanches can not be treated happen. ”
Allawi said that “Iraq now needs to experts and sages completely economists like his to security experts, and those experts must either be present in Iraq and Markonin, or are outside, so must these experiences be found to contribute to guidelines take out the government in the future, “stressing that” one of the things that I got when replacing Shabibi a financial expert and the Governor of the Central Bank is the failure that we are now paying the price. ”
continued Allawi by saying, “We do not want these things are repeated, so the reform of the economic situation must be part of a comprehensive and a great plan.
“The state-building requires building bridges of understanding and reconciliation between the sons the same society, in order to reconcile with the same first and believes in the equality of all Iraqis, regardless of their sects and religions. ”
He believed Allawi that “national reconciliation is not to establish conferences or waste of money, but a series of necessary actions, such as amending some laws and decisions, freezing or cancel some of them, as well as the release of innocent detainees and to address IDPs problems to prepare people deduced from the forces of terrorism, “noting that among those” laws, some of which is an old constitution, and should be activated, as well as on oil and gas and the distribution of financial resources, or what development requires, to cover Compulsory military service, without the militarization of society. ”
promised the vice president, in charge of the national reconciliation file, that “Such actions supreme national interest service”, stressing the need to “power to the national reconciliation classification, and the removal of those involved with terrorism and the killing of Iraqis,” stressing “the need to move on the international and regional community to support the unity of Iraq, both Iran and Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and they are ready for that. ”