Parliamentary power: the need to settle political differences to approve oil and gas law

Parliamentary power: the need to settle political differences to approve oil and gas law

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Iraqi GovernmentSpecial / newspaper integrity / faith Qasim – A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ali Fayad, said Wednesday that “the adoption of the oil and gas law needs to settle all the political differences between the government and the oil-producing provinces.”

Fayad said in a statement (newspaper integrity) that “this law be enacted through dialogues and agreements that are dependent on the foundations and the laws are clear, which in turn regulate how to deal to keep the big national wealth.”

He added that “Iraq is in a great challenge against Daash and terrorism, and there are some aspects that must be taken into account in the enactment of this law, and we hope that those responsible for this profile that Atoawa responsibilities of people in order to Etjhoa legislation such as so important laws in the interest of Iraq’s economy.”

He pointed out that “Oil and Energy Committee is working hard to approve oil and gas law through to reach an agreement between all the political blocs to pass the draft law are high admissibility for the purpose of voting on them.”

“The oil and gas law is the main gate to the passage of the founding of the Federal Council of the oil law, and without it you can not establish the Council,” adding that “the Council at its formation will contribute to the development of the oil industry and end all differences and draw the oil policy of the country.”

He went on saying that “equitable distribution of wealth, particularly oil is not only through the adoption of the oil and gas law in addition to the creation of a special fund for oil revenues according to a special system to ensure justice among citizens in various provinces.”

The Commission announced the oil and energy parliamentary, was seeking to establish a Council of federal oil through the adoption of the oil and gas law, as pointed out to the importance of oil and gas law in the next stage to end the differences between the center and the Kurdistan region regarding oil.

He called a number of officials and economists, earlier, the government to the need to adopt a new economic vision, and stressed the importance of adopting a new mechanism for the management of the country’s economy through the use of research, experts and leave the old mechanisms, as they stressed the need to focus on the oil sectors which represent the backbone of the financial state .anthy 9