Deputies: Baghdad and Erbil oil agreement “impulsive” and is threatened with collapse

Deputies: Baghdad and Erbil oil agreement “impulsive” and is threatened with collapse

Tuesday 25 November 2014

 Deputies - Baghdad and Erbil oil agreement impulsive and is threatened with collapseQurtas News / Baghdad
After Baghdad and Erbil agreement on the final delivery of 150 000 barrels of oil to fund support for Iraq, “Samo”, likely parliamentarians collapse quickly, as described by deputies from inside the Kurdistan Alliance, as seen MPs for the National Alliance that bargains on the Kirkuk oil is imposed, especially since the news I talked about the Federal Minister of Oil, Adel Abdul Mahdi agreement, the oil fields of Kirkuk and not oil region.

Says a member of the Finance Committee in the Parliament and the National Alliance MP Faleh effect that “the agreement, which was was the oil region Wi bargains on Kirkuk is a red line that can not be overcome,” adding that “Kirkuk oil management at the present time, however, the region but without the right to dispose oil wealth. ”

He applicable in an interview for “Qurtas News” that “the region can extract more than 150 000 barrels per day, but the initial agreement was to hand over the province to this amount,” and wondered about the legitimacy of the parliament and the Office of Financial Supervision and the Ministry of Oil to hold accountable the province if the export exceeded the number that was agreed.

And former quantities were exported by the province of Kurdistan without reference to the federal government attaches force “the recent agreement came in principle, it is possible to include other details, if the delegation province came to Baghdad to discuss all the problems related to the management of wealth between the center and the region.” .

In effect, a deputy from the mass citizen who belongs to Oil Minister Abdul-Mahdi said that “the agreement was about oil administration of Kirkuk, where they discussed linking the Turkish pipeline Ceyhan from the Kirkuk field to Arbil, to prevent control Daash him and would not be subjected to acts of sabotage,” noting that ” 2015 budget will be the items describes the quantities exported from the region and from Kirkuk and Basra to be knowing exports each hand. ”

He concluded by saying in effect that “the operation of the provincial government for the export of oil and non-counters closed, the fact that it is a wrap on the money of the Iraqi people, and if they insisted on it Fbalamkan and through the budget to cut off funding,” according to the deputy.

On the other hand, says the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Adel Nouri said that after 2003, it was agreed to form oil administration between political leaders and can not go back to those periods, and that the allocation of 150 000 barrels is allocated outside of the region, amounting to 17 percent of the budget. ”

He added in an interview with Nuri “Qurtas News”, “fragile agreement, has been collapsing at any moment, an improvisational and unstudied agreement,” expected to “convictions changed after the visit of the delegation of the region in the coming period.”

And control of the province of Kirkuk fields Nuri says that “it is strange to criticize the parliament or political control of the Kurds on the oil fields, while unable to edit Ain Zala fields in Nineveh province of control” Daash “organization, which issued its oil abroad.”