The government is “unified draft” of the law of oil and gas jointly prepared Erbil and Basra

The government is “unified draft” of the law of oil and gas jointly prepared Erbil and Basra (HCL)

11/19/2014 (0:01 pm)

The government is unified draft of the law of oil and gas jointly prepared Erbil and BasraBAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Revealed to the Commission on oil and parliamentary power, re-draft of the “Oil and Gas Law” to the Council of Ministers to make modifications imposed by the current circumstances, including the recent agreement signed between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, which, during a visit fruitful negotiations conducted by the Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi in Arbil.
He said members of the Committee that the Government of Haider al-Abadi was readying a draft that includes all items included in previous versions, stressing that the adoption of the law would regulate the relationship of Baghdad province and the oil-producing provinces, while the president of the Commission that there is a crystallization of ideas producing provinces such as Basra, and taken into account in this context. Kurdish lawmaker revealed that a delegation will visit Baghdad, Arbil, which together with the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Nechirvan Barzani, will discuss the possibility of exporting oil through the Kirkuk region. This comes at a time inside the Kurdistan Alliance sources confirmed that “the Kurdish delegation will arrive in Baghdad within the next few hours.” The sources indicated, who asked not to be identified, in an interview for the “long”, “The delegation will hold a series of meetings with officials in the federal government in order to enter the oil agreement into force,” indicating that “there is a committee formed by the two sides in Erbil and Baghdad to resolving all the problems including oil and gas law. ”
Commenting on this, Ares Abdullah, head of the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives for the “long”, says that “non-enactment of the oil and gas law for the past period led to the aggravation of many and complex problems in the oil sector and in particular between KRG and Baghdad, “pointing out that” the government is currently engaged in the preparation of a new draft of the oil and gas agreed upon by all parties and sent to the parliament. ”
Abdullah is expected to “lead the enactment of this law to regulate the oil wealth producing and exporting management between the federal and the Kurdistan government, and the cities of Basra and Missan and Kirkuk, which would eliminate all the differences and obstacles accumulated, “stressing that” the adoption of the oil and gas law is one of the priorities of the work of this session of Parliament. ” The implications of the draft oil and gas law sharp differences between the Kurdistan Alliance and a coalition of state law during the second term of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki period, which caused delay it in the House of Representatives for more than once.
refers MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc that “the House of Representatives is expected to complete the government’s amendments on the draft oil and gas law and send it to the House of Representatives, “calling to” crystallize a unified ideas between the provincial government and the provinces of Baghdad and the oil-producing texts about this new draft. ” And on the upcoming visit of the President of the Government of the Territory to Baghdad, Ares Abdullah, said that “illustrates the Kurdish delegation will discuss with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi several topics most important push stalled KRG staff entitlements since the month of February as well as the possibility of exporting Kirkuk oil through the territory of Kurdistan.” He believes that “this visit will contribute to resolving all outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, rooted in a long time.”
confirms Abdullah that “the lack of legislation, the law of oil and gas will hinder the organization of any oil relationship between the government on the one hand, regions and oil-producing provinces on the other hand.” Said Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, hosted by the Chamber of Deputies, the lack of legislation law of oil and energy made ​​it difficult to resolve the issues of export of oil from the region before. He explained that the agreement that we are trying to reach him to export oil through the territory lines will be for the benefit of all, especially the provinces that pipeline to export oil from Kirkuk will be inoperable even if liberalization city of Mosul.
in turn says Ali Qubool, vice chairman of the Commission on oil and parliamentary power, that “the Committee re draft oil and gas law, which came to Parliament in the previous session, to the government to make some amendments and additions according to what applies to the current circumstances. ”
He added Qubool, in an interview with the “long”, “The government has promised the Commission on oil and energy to complete the draft of this project and send it to parliament in as soon as possible in the hope of approval in order to regulate the export and production of oil in Kurdistan and the producing provinces. ”
The attention of MP for the coalition of state law that “the chairmanship of the former Parliament is decided to adopt the draft committee parliamentary energy which has sent to the government recently,” likely “that the government merging items All drafts put forward previously unified project and send it to the House of Representatives. ”
And on the points of contention between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, says Qubool that “there is a moot point hindered the enactment of the oil and gas law in the previous time is how to export oil,” noting that “the Kurds are demanding the export of the region’s oil through their own company, while the federal government believes that the export of oil should be across the SOMO in. ”
The Erbil and agreed to export oil through the Sumo conditioned restructuring of the Board of Directors to represent all producing provinces in accordance with the Constitution, the proposal has received wide acceptance in Basra also , but the previous government. neglected
and indicates a member of the Committee on Energy Parliamentary out that “the new agreement between the KRG and the federal government will ensure that clauses in the draft of new oil and gas”.
Qubool noted that “the government has sent oil minister to the House of Representatives, in two sessions Thursday and Monday, in order to inform the House of Representatives on the details of this agreement. ” Asserts that “included an agreement in the national paper, which obliges the government to pay financial advances to the Kurdistan region with the region’s oil delivery of the federal government to be implemented within one month of the formation of the government.”
declared the Kurdistan Regional Government, in (November 13, 2014), in an agreement with the Government of Baghdad to solve the “full and fair” to the problems between the two sides, saying that the federal government would pay for the region of $ 500 million, while the government will transform the region of 150 thousand barrels of crude oil per day at the disposal of the federal government.