Three Iraqi provinces declare bankruptcy because of the adoption of 2014 budget

Three Iraqi provinces declare bankruptcy because of the adoption of 2014 budget

Publication Date 13/11/2014 08:06 AM

Three Iraqi provinces declare bankruptcy because of the adoption of 2014 budgetHas delayed the adoption of the Iraqi budget for 2014 because of political differences, and low oil prices to declare bankruptcy three Iraqi provinces, and it stopped projects which analysts warned bankers not to the Iraqi government’s ability to pay the salaries of workers in institutions.

The 2014 budget amounted to $ 140 billion, calculated on the basis of oil price of $ 90, while declining to $ 80 what is causing the financial crisis, especially exchange large sums of money to the displaced and the volunteers and the doors of the popular crowd control Daash emerged after the Mosul and Tikrit.

She described the provinces of Karbala departments, and Maysan, and Anbar, not to approve the general budget for 2014, the current provincial campus of the implementation of hundreds of projects that will change the reality service and investment, and promised that a negative impact on next year’s plan in 2015, as pointed out that it is unable to pay the dues of public projects 2013 also, because they do not have the money in the local coffers.

He said the first deputy governor of Karbala, Jassem al-Fatlawi, the administration of the province and put large projects plan for 2014, the current, but you can not refer them to implement because of the adoption of the state budget, and not to the Ministry of Planning approval of the investment plan of the province, “noting that” the plan was to change the face of the province The realities of the service, if entered into force.

Fatlawi added that “Karbala deprived of the year 2014 more than 300 projects of which 70% was allocated to the sector of municipal services, roads, education, water and sewer, they returned to the negative impact of non-approval of the current year’s budget will impact on next year 2015 plan.

For his part, Vice-President of the Council of the province of Karbala Ali Abd al-Maliki, said that the lack of adoption of the budget in spite of the conflict comes the financial year to finish, government work and the efforts of construction and reconstruction killed, adding that “Karbala is now experiencing a deficit of $ 300 billion dinars, as a result of non-implementation of projects because of political pressure which disrupted the state budget. ”

He pointed deputy governor of Karbala for Financial Affairs, that “with the conservative rounded projects of the past in 2013, has spent the amount of ten billion dinars, as payments for some of the implementing companies, and failed to meet the rest”, stressing that “the budget of the province of Karbala currently amounts to 60 thousand dinars only , dues and financial companies have accumulated. ”

In turn exposed thousands of projects in the service, education and health sectors, in Anbar province to stop as a result of lack of adoption of the general budget and the absence of local budget from private funds to cover the expenses of these projects amounting to about 825 billion dinars.

Because of the lack of budget and the concomitant of exceptional circumstances because of the war on terrorism in Anbar province, the delay amount 100 billion dinars exchange for Anbar province, approved by the Council of Ministers to help those affected, and the completion of infrastructure destructive acts.

The head of the provincial council Alkrhot morning in a press interview: The local administration in Anbar province suffers from a major problem in the availability of financial liquidity to compensate those affected by military actions witnessed by the province as a result of the presence of the terrorist organization Daash.

For his part, the local board of directors announced in Maysan, Monday, failure to implement any of the current projects in 2014 due to lack of financial allocations for the delay in adoption of the general budget, noting that the province, “received 168 billion dinars, only rounded to projects of previous years.”

The official spokesman for the Board of Maysan province, Rahe Abdul Wahid Albzona The distributed to health, education, service, infrastructure, roads and bridges sectors in the current 2014 projects, Off due to the adoption of the general budget, noting that it “negatively impact on the reconstruction of the province and its development.

He Albzona, that the projects currently being implemented are those approved during the years 2012 and 2013, “noting that the federal government handed over the province 168 billion dinars for projects in previous years, outside the scope of the operating budget for the current year, which is estimated at more than 700 billion dinars.