Government Karbala: maintain a zero balance of the funds

Government Karbala: maintain a zero balance of the funds

Sunday 0.09  November / November 2014 13:53

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Detecting financial aide to the governor of Karbala Adel al-Moussawi, on Sunday, that the province’s budget has become zero because of a failure to approve the federal budget.

Moussawi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “the balance of the province in the banks with a [zero] dinars, and the province is now experiencing the failure to provide its members’ salaries because of the delayed ratification of the federal budget law by the parliament,” he said.

He explained, “We asked the prime minister and the Ministry of Finance to provide funds for the province, but until now we did not find a sympathetic ear to us,” noting that “there are bound advance owed by the province and the amount of 50 billion dinars, but the Ministry of Finance until now not been fired.”

He said al-Moussawi said the “big Karbala obligations as well as the case for the benefits of it in owe,” diagram “The Ministry of Finance Tamolna as much as associate salaries only and leave the rest, and the salaries of the measure commitments daily as well as monthly contracts and vehicles leased and others to maintain.”

He noted the financial aide to the governor of Karbala that “we have increased the time, in addition to the millions of visits and solutions which began Arafa visit followed a visit and the tenth of Muharram and visit next Arbain, and bear additional burdens of the province for the purpose of securing these visits.”

And “We as management of local and duty to be at the behest of the governor of Karbala, Akil Turaihi provide all the support and backing for all departments in the province after she was unable ministries to departments for not having to have a budget,” pointing out that “the city of Karbala, the number one in the shelter displaced process and the issue of the popular crowd and support volunteers and all These burdens burdened the province. ”

He appealed to the financial aide to the governor of Karbala, “the Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance and the federal government to consider the privacy of Karbala and financing the necessary amounts that make the province meet its obligations,” and called on “everyone to redress Karbala and funded the amounts necessary for the fulfillment of its obligations to contractors, companies and other necessary commitments, Projects lagging behind in the province and there is no money to speed up the work of these projects. ”

Moussawi pointed out that “the local government in Karbala made a great effort in previous years in order to trust between the contractor and maintaining transplant but I went with the wind now that there is no money to pay the executing and advances projects Bzmtha companies and contractors value.”

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced during his visit to Karbala last Monday for the preparations of Ashura encountered last Tuesday, “the allocation of $ 25 million for this visit and monthly Muharram and Safar,” adding that he “will launch other payments to the province,” noting at the same time that “the pressure on general budget for it. ” End