Tweets in the “Twitter” alludes to the possibility of killing, “al-Baghdadi”

Tweets in the “Twitter” alludes to the possibility of killing, “al-Baghdadi”

09/11/2014 07:05 GMT

Tweets in the Twitter alludes to the possibility of killing al-BaghdadiFollow-up – and babysit – raised Tweets fighters in the organization through Daash Hashtag “al-Baghdadi were killed,” a big controversy, about the news that appeared in the international news agencies the killing of the leader of the organization airstrike Airways International Health Alliance.
Replies elements of the organization known in the “Twitter”, Alhastag transformed from mere “rumor” As usual, the news may be true, given the lack of any of them to deny the news.

Saudi “Abu Ghada Al Zoubi,” a regulation fighters, which is east of the city of Al Khafji Saudi Arabia, wrote in “Twitter” saying, “It is the doctrine, we have lost the Shaykh al-Baghdadi, the nation has lost a good human Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah did not renege companions will not be turned away after the Mujahideen.”

The fellow, “Abu al-Thiyabi Hur,” he said, “we lost the master of human beings, peace be upon him and his companions, God bless them, and then advances, then bin Laden, and al-Zarqawi, then speech and Muhajir and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and many.”

The restored “Abu Ghada Al Zoubi,” Tweets of ID called himself the name of “martyrdom,” he said in Ngridth “believe Kovernmathm succession, ruling ends and ends with the death of everything .. what they learned that behind the succession A. Qureshi, a descendant of the beloved” PSC / h