Is haste Republicans control of Congress .. pace arming the Iraqi army?

Is haste Republicans control of Congress .. pace arming the Iraqi army?

06/11/2014 19:26

Is haste Republicans control of Congress - pace arming the Iraqi armyBAGHDAD / obelisk: While seeking US President Barack Obama, to get a new mandate from Congress in the next few weeks for the military campaign against militants of the “Islamic State” terrorist, the face of the Republicans blow it would limit the legislative agenda and may be forced to modify its trajectory During the remaining two years in office.

Obama accuses packets not about a lot of issues, particularly the crisis in Syria and the challenges of the war on terror in Iraq.

MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, on Thursday, he said, in an interview for “obelisk” that “US President Barack Obama seeks to drain to the survival time (Daash) in Iraq, as called for Washington to” fulfill its promises on arming the Iraqi army. ”

It is expected, a political analyst for “obelisk” that Republican control of Congress, will accelerate the pace of arming the Iraqi army, and will contribute to the broader American involvement in the war on terror in Iraq.

He Chihod in a statement seen by “obelisk”, “The goal of US President Barack Obama’s request for authorization for a new fight totals (Daash) drain time for the survival of Daash in Iraq,” noting that “Washington if it is serious about drying the sources of terrorism operation, it should put pressure on Turkish government to limit its support for terrorism. ”

But Obama, who began to feel the size of the loss, said at a news conference after he knows the meaning of the dominance of the Republicans on the Senate.

“The world needs to know that we are united behind this effort and that the members of our military men and women deserve a clear and unified support.”

She says the US administration since the start of the campaign in August that it has a mandate to act against the terrorist organization, in Iraq and Syria, under the mandates of Congress approved after the September 11, 2001 attacks on America, before the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Obama said, “We now have a different kind of enemy. Different strategy should be organized partnership with Iraq and other Gulf states and the international coalition differently.”

But that did not dispel a lot of the allies about Obama’s plans in the Middle East fears, Just as accused by some Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia is no seriousness in entering them in the alliance fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the political and military analysts Iraqis believe that the air strikes would not resolve the battle with terrorism, and that Obama’s plans will cost the Iraqi budget a lot of money.

But Obama believes that it needs to be a new mandate for the use of military force to express that this is “not our strategy through only two or three coming months, but our strategy in the future.”

He said he “will discuss the matter with the Democrats and Republicans leaders in a meeting at the White House on Friday.”

He said some members of both parties that “it needs a new mandate from Congress to include the air campaign against the terrorist organization al teams and military advisers sent to Iraq to help rebuild the Iraqi armed forces.”

The Republicans won a victory on Tuesday will be considered as a victorious sharp rebuke for Obama, who is reeling from one crisis to another and fell in popularity, making it the unwelcome visitors for Democratic candidates in many of the disputed States.

Republicans tightened their grip and also the House of Representatives in what Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign speaking network MSNBC as “pretty awful night” for Democrats. When the new Congress begins in January will be the Republicans control of the House and Senate for the first time since the 2006 election.

And force the Republican control of the Senate, Obama’s ambitions to reduce and restrict the topics that can be issued upon executive decisions do not require the approval of legislators or those that might win the support of representatives of both parties, such as trade agreements and tax reforms.

The coming period will witness a test of Obama’s ability to reach a compromise with his political opponents who are newly strengthened thorn remained after resisting the legislative agenda since he was elected for the first time in 2008. The Americans elected to a second term and final four-year term in 2012.

He said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s potential presidential candidate in the 2016 elections and who participated in the fellow Republicans in campaigns across the country that the Senate election results put the responsibility on Obama.

Christie said the CBS News television: “We need to get things done … and put things on the Office of the President and the President take to make some decisions.” He pointed to the tax reform and the development of a national energy policy and creating more jobs as urgent needs.

The transformation in the Senate also lead to a change in personnel in the White House as it thinks some of the exhausted members of the Obama team to leave to make room for new members.

Before the election results ruled out the White House that Obama being big changes. Officials said Obama will seek to reach common ground with the Congress in such fields as trade and infrastructure.

Said White House spokesman Josh Ernest “The president will continue to search for partners in Congress, both Republicans and Democrats who want to work with him in the application of policies that serve the interests of middle class families.”

Obama won the membership of the Senate for one term before becoming president. Often to blame for the failure to develop closer relationships with legislators.

He will find a familiar face in a new location, while a strong replace Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, Democrat Harry Reid replaced as leader of the majority in the Senate. Reid was one of the biggest political allies for Obama and helped pass the health care bill put forward by Obama through the Senate in 2010.

And McConnell said in a speech on the occasion of his victory in Louisville, Kentucky, “Things do not change overnight. I do not expect that the president wakes up tomorrow and sees the world different from what he saw when he woke up this morning. He knows that I will not be so also. But we have an obligation to work together on issues that can agree on. ”