Obama plans to abandon Israel

Obama plans to abandon Israel

Posted 04/11/2014 11:10 AM

Obama plans to abandon IsraelIsraeli media reports Tuesday that US President Barack Obama has threatened to lift the lid ‘veto’ given to Israel, which was considered a threat ‘awful’ touches on the basis of the existence of Israel.

The newspaper ‘Maariv’ that close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who feel in recent days, a strong sense of concern after learning that President Obama intends to abandon Israel in the United Nations, the newspaper described the threat as “shocking and touches the essence of relations’ between Tel Aviv and Washington.

Quoting Israeli officials added that Obama ‘intends to abandon Israel and left alone facing the decision of the UN Security Council to prevent construction in the territories occupied in 1967′.

The newspaper added that Netanyahu told a small number of Israeli officials in this threat, including one of the leaders of the Jewish settlers and the ministers of the house Naftali Bennett and Uri Ariel and its surroundings in a tight circle.

According to the paper, Netanyahu told them that President Obama plans to abandon Israel in the United Nations, Netanyahu said he is aware of the size of the consequences of this step representative ‘. He added that this threat is ‘practical scenario that was feared by Israel’s friends in the United States on the eve of Obama’s election to a second term, is achieved here today.’

The newspaper said that this step Obama ‘destroys the holy of holies of the alliance between Israel and the United States and raises Fort US veto without which Israel would not be able to stay.’

But at the same time pointed out that he ‘was not aware of the existence of Israel, a draft resolution on the United Nations table prevents construction in the occupied territories in 1967, and even that this idea is on the table in the corridors of the Security Council.’

The paper said: ‘should not be achieving the threat to destabilize relations between Israel and the United States, once put destabilize relations and the basis for the existence of Israel.’ She added: If Israel has not been able to rely on the word of the United States, this requires a change in both foreign and security policies of the foundation. ‘ It continued: ‘veto is the most important political guarantee for Israel’s ability to act as security and political needs, which granted her a number of agreements