Obama may sack Kerry and Hagel

Obama may sack Kerry and Hagel

11/01/2014 08:47 GMT

Obama may sack Kerry and HagelAgencies – “New York Times” said that the US President, Barack Obama, may sack Foreign Minister John Kerry, and his defense minister, Chuck Hagel, after the end of the midterm elections.
According to the newspaper, the Kerry Pat singing outside the Oval Squadron, and take the offensive line during internal discussions, as Hagel does not talk much about politics, and gave up the stage management for the benefit of his chief of staff body.

The “New York Times” report that the source of this trend for the members of the Democrats in Congress, is the fear of the loss of the Democrats control of the Senate, because of ataxia Obama administration and a number of his ministers in dealing with pressing international issues.

According to sources in the White House, the appointment of Ron Klein to manage the epidemic, “Ebola” crisis, and Gen. John Allen coordinator of the war on extremism, serve this trend, as Obama has recently become more inclined than ever to a small circle of aides in the White House.

US sources suggest that Obama is by caesarean section after the midterm elections in the fourth from the end of next month, and inject new blood to the face of the successive international crises. Q, Q