Plans to sabotage the Iraqi economy: Printing of counterfeit currencies in Sadr City and Alaptaoyen

Plans to sabotage the Iraqi economy: Printing of counterfeit currencies in Sadr City and Alaptaoyen
06/02/2012 14:36

Baghdad / Orr News

Baghdad was particularly Sadr City district of Baghdad Alaptaoyen in the sale and exchange of counterfeit currency. He revealed that currency traders in the “Million sold counterfeit dinars of € 350 000 and 10 thousand dollars of $ 4.5 million dinars.”

While the First Deputy Governor of Baghdad and head of the money smuggled Mohammed Al Shammari form a committee to adjust the money smuggled and prohibited currency circulation and include cash and in kind, the central bank reduced the size of the fake money. They noted that “most of who are dealing currency forged using false names and that there are people who have knowledge in regulatory agencies informing them of any case of inspection for Rasha large pay them”, to arguing that “people who take this money trying valued in many ways, including through the purchase of goods or old in order to make it easier to process Tmsheetha citizens. “They said that the “fraud includes all categories except for small groups to” arguing that “the money to visit in two areas of Baghdad is a city in the chest and Husseiniya houses no one knows its place knowing that the currency exchange places are determined by the phone.”

The strength of economic security arrested late last month dropped a number of the owners of printing presses in Sadoun Street in Baghdad on charges of printing paper currency in cash and government documents and official letters especially fake. Witnesses confirmed hearing the elements of that force you talk about the presence of other names to the owners of presses required to arrest the accused themselves.

For his part, the appearance of the central bank adviser Mohammed Saleh, “the existence of fake money inside the country,” adding that “the indicators that reach us through the knowledge of the counterfeit currency is within the normal terms do not constitute a danger to the economy because the rate is slim.” He said that “counterfeit currency include all denominations and even foreign funds, including the U.S. dollar.” For his part, first deputy governor of Baghdad, Mohammed Al Shammari “to form a committee the money smuggled under the control of money contraband which was released in 2008 and this Committee were not activated during the past years and is responsible for controlling the money smuggling and money forbidden circulation in the Iraqi market and includes money-kind and cash that are Unlike smuggling customs law among the provinces or outside the border and in-kind funds include sheep, wheels, construction materials and goods and all goods transported illegally, “explaining that” the circulation of money prohibited include counterfeit money and foreign, which has no legal cover. “

He said Shammari “The committee was formed under the chairmanship of the deputy governor of Baghdad and the membership of the ministries of defense, interior, industry, trade and finance in addition to intelligence,” adding that “the Commission held its first meeting, but we have not received any issue until today so we asked the Cabinet to be to instruct all the departments concerned to raise any issue relating to the money smuggled to the Commission until decisions are made according to the law and in accordance with the tasks assigned to this committee and we are now waiting for the cases filed and there is a mechanism specified by the law set the money smuggled followed by the Commission, “stressing that” the Commission has the power to sell the money smuggled by gaining become final estimated price and sold and distributed within the law where there are 30 percent allocated to the control and informants, and 70 percent go to the public treasury. “

And on the wheels stolen by fleeing to Kurdistan or cattle being smuggled out of Iraq said Shammari, “it was to instruct the members of the committee representatives of the stakeholders are the Ministries of Finance and Customs and the Interior, Defense and assumes that the money seized and are taking the initial actions where then sent to the Committee.