CBI between the hammer of the International Monetary Fund and the anvil of legalized corruption

of the Iraqi Central Bank between the hammer of the International Monetary Fund and the anvil of legalized corruption when it was re-activity of the central bank decision of the civil administrator Paul Bremer in 2004 and was printed banknotes of the new Iraqi dinar rate Exchange 1500 dinars to the Dolaraluahd with raising the purchasing power of the Iraqi people, rejoiced involved in economic affairs better than during the analysis predictive of future of the reality of the Iraqi economy and how to promote it, which requires control of the executive power by keeping the heads of the arms of economic activity and not to leave the speculators (makers of financial and economic crises that go the lives of middle and lower classes) control mechanisms of the market.

what I said earlier, I do not mean him to return to the economy totalitarian (not socialist!) and absolute control of the state on all aspects of the Iraqi economy and stripping the central bank of its independence, but requires Asdariqrarat and legislation by the executive and legislative branches of the Bank’s assistance Central to stop the smuggling and the diversion of hard currency on the one hand and adjust the rates of economic movement that will benefit and accelerate the overall development process.

that one demands of the International Monetary Fund is to eliminate corruption and waste of public money that spread Kalkhlaya cancer in the administrative structure, economic and social. of the factors that helped to corruption and theft of financial resources in the midst of chaos after the fall of the Baathist regime, was the late Central Bank for a period of four years for consolidation of a network of information between it and all Iraqi banks through which the central bank can control the movement of cash at home and abroad, and even after the practice financial activity through the network, continued smuggling of hard currency through the legal cover of the decisions made by the civil governor at the time.

I helped those decisions on the backs of the merchant class parasites (the scourge of the national economy), who found in the decisions of primer open space for the exercise of their activity destructive against the Iraqi economy, and now the Central Bank shall announce some members of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives of the existence of an international conspiracy to drain and destroy the financial capacity of Iraq.

question arises here – Why Atghei decisions primer and proceeds to new laws in favor of the Central Bank, aimed at the elimination of brokers and speculators, manipulators purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar? The answer is clearly evident is that those parasites of traders and brokers linked to membership of the relationship with the parties in power!! And eliminate them means cutting the financial resources for these parties, this will not be, even Preparations are under way and as rapidly as possible for the purpose of joining the WTO in the current circumstances, in order to complete the process of strangling the Iraqi economy and keep a consumer economy and Rieia unilaterally.

So no need to blame the central bank about the fluctuation of the value of Aldenarabraghi, because the problem is positioned in the dominant political forces to power!