Source: the failure of negotiations between the Americans and Sunni factions

Source: the failure of negotiations between the Americans and Sunni factions due to the recent request by criminalizing militias

Posted, 30-09-2014 08:33 PM

Source - the failure of negotiations between the Americans and Sunni factions due to the recent request by criminalizing militiasDid not reach the negotiations American with factions of Sunni insurgency in Iraq, to ​​the positive results, according to reveal the source of a ministerial senior Iraqi, saying ‘stop bilateral negotiations fully, because of the failure to reach an agreement, about some of the demands, which insists factions to implement, compared to its commitment to helping regain control of the Iraqi areas, seized by the organization ‘Islamic state’ (Daash).
The back of stalled negotiations, which continued throughout the last two weeks in the Jordanian capital Amman, as illustrated by the source Ministerial itself, to ‘insistence factions to deal with the Shiite militias, financed by an Iranian as groups terrorist, like to Al’ Daash ‘and’nasrh’ in Syria and Iraq ‘, as well as the claim B’tosea the scope of military operations to include those militias, most notably Hezbollah Brigades of Iraq, the Badr and headbands right, and the Mahdi Army. ‘
The source adds the same ‘negotiations witnessed sharp differences on the issue of delivery of weapons of factions, which is considered a red line that can not be discussed, before previewing change on the ground, including Shiite militias respect’.
Jordanian intelligence did not succeed, sponsors of bilateral negotiations, the parties to re-table dialogue, according to the Ministerial source, while the American side insisted on the need to consult, and the second party to grant more time, in parallel with its emphasis not to cut the channels of communication in the event of any progress.
And sees US negotiator in demand factions to deal with the militias K’nizat terrorist ‘,’ demand premature ‘, in the words of the source Ministerial Iraq, which indicates that Americans believe that the’ risk of those militias local, not global, as is the case with regulatory Qaeda and Daash ‘ .
The Americans see that as any similar step would lead to ‘a character path and objectives of the international coalition, and create political problems several, as well as security problems’, but at the same time, adds Iraqi source:’ gave firm assurances of the factions, that the work of the militia freeze , it will not pose a threat to Sunni areas, which is not approved by the factions’.
In a related context, says a source close to the negotiation process (according to the website ‘new Arab’), and is currently in Amman, said that ‘factions’ representatives presented at a meeting to negotiate the last with the Americans, documents and photographs condemns militia elements out car bomb attacks and improvised explosive devices and mass murder, symmetry operations of the organization ‘Daash’ or ‘rule’, as part of their quest to convince Americans should be regarded as those militias ‘terrorist groups’ or hit Centers strength in southern Iraq, which is run away from him Americans saw as a departure from the solid negotiations, which focused on persuading the factions to help get rid of the organization ‘Daash’, and to engage in a project of national reconciliation in Iraq and to join the National Guard troops in the Sunni cities’.
The source refers belonging to one of the Sunni blocs, that ‘the American delegation left Jordan, without achieving any results in the round of negotiations, with representatives of the factions still exist in Oman’. And expresses his belief that ‘the armed factions will be outside the equation’ Daash international coalition ‘, expected at the same time that’ lasts mobility armed, and which kicked off before entering the ‘Daash’ on the line, even the implementation of all its demands, to direct their attention at the moment, militias to fend off attacks from Sunni cities, which have increased recently, due to American air cover for them. ‘

More than that, reveals the same source that ‘factions warned Americans that any targeting of the elements on the ground, through air strikes, it will have bad consequences and repercussions on the opinion of the Sunni year in Iraq, which is still in favor and supportive of her, unlike the organization’ Daash ‘.