Abadi: look with Jubouri convene a session of Parliament before the feast to name the ministers of security

Abadi: look with Jubouri convene a session of Parliament before the feast to name the ministers of security and wait for the Kurds join government

Monday, September 29 / September 2014 12:37

Abadi - look with Jubouri convene a session of Parliament before the feast to name the ministers of security and wait for the Kurds join government[Baghdad-where]

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi he is looking with House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the possibility of a hearing before the holiday of Eid al-Adha to label the Minister of Interior and Defense.

Ebadi said after his meeting with President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, said yesterday that “we expect the security minister designation before my visit to New York and we were waiting for the convening of parliament, which decided to disable spiral until after the holiday of Eid al-Adha.”

He added, “We currently have a discussion with al-Jubouri, about the possibility of inviting the parliament to convene and if I invited you will be achieved quorum especially given that the call will be before the holiday, and in the light of these discussions we will decide if is has to convene an extraordinary session of the Parliament and there was a quorum, possible to provide security ministers to vote on them” .

He continued Abadi “As for the ministries of Kurds were promised a week ago in the light of Hakim’s visit to the region that they will begin their work in the government and they told me that they have a review in the naming of sites and their ministers, an issue of their own, but we are waiting for their responsibility is shared and work with the region in accordance with the Constitution and the partnership.”

On his visit to the sage between the prime minister that “the visit is part of efforts to strengthen the National Alliance and the relations between the political blocs This government erected on the basis of cooperation between the blocks all of us, and therefore is the responsibility of everyone and the prime minister bears part of them and the rest of the blocks are responsible for the defense of the government and the success of their work and the political program of her “.

He pointed out that “our discussions with Hakim included several issues, some relating to the crowd of international support for Iraq, where we found that the entire international community with Iraq and that about 40 countries have expressed their willingness to support, and the list increases each week by standing with Iraq in its war against terrorism and Daash, and by almost three months we alone in the field, and we asked nations to stand with us, and this check. ”

He pointed to “reaffirm these countries on two things Asasien The first is the need to maintain respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and that Iraq will be the lord of the land, water, sky and focus on the unity of Iraq, and received assurances from all the countries participating in this coalition to respect Iraq’s sovereignty and said we respect the sovereignty of the presence of Iraqi government elected represent all segments of the Iraqi people, a government of its sovereignty over its territory. ”

“The other thing, we got assurances from these countries at our request and they also demanded that there will be no ground forces foreign to the land of Iraq because Iraq will not need them at all for the existence of sufficient numbers of armed forces and popular mobilization with which to work within the umbrella of the state and therefore do not need to ground troops, but we need air cover, weapons and equipment sufficient to enable our people to defend himself, but for the world, because Iraq today is faced Daash fighter and we are in the forefront of these countries and the world praised on this role. ”

The Abadi said that “these two issues not be achieved without consensus between the political blocs and the sons of the Iraqi people and the advisory opinion of the religious authority in Thacidha for Iraqis to fight to the side of the armed forces to defend the homeland and the holy places.”

“There are tasks many we have to accomplish and a part of these meetings with al-Hakim and the Supreme Council and the Islamic Dawa Party, is to consider how to dedicate these efforts to ensure the success of the government program which needs to be genuine efforts and part of it is the responsibility of the government and the other on the House of Representatives.”

The Prime Minister said that “everyone knows that the dominant political blocs participated in the government, which is also responsible for the success of the government program, which was presented to Parliament and approved by, and therefore, everyone bears responsibility for the success of this program and needs to be cooperation between the government and the House of Representatives and the judiciary, and despite the emphasis on This independence of the three authorities, but it works in one country and it must cooperate and integrate in their work for the success of the Iraqi project because we are in the service of the people. ”

He warned the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of psychological warfare practiced by terrorist gangs Daash to discourage the security forces and fighters of the popular crowd.

“There are murmurs and misunderstanding and some intentional and we want to warn that we are fighting with Daash fierce war a war that two-pronged military, psychological and what happened in Mosul and other areas, did not win the enemy we have in the military confrontation, but psychological warfare pushed our troops not to fight and delivery locations for Daash because of the war psychological and still a fierce enemy and the offender uses this technique to intimidate the fighters and people. ”

The prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi, “give reign to defend any and every citizen soldier and we will do everything we can to defend them, and so we decided not to allow unarmed civilians in the bombing of military sites Our responsibility to protect them, but at the same time stressed the need for the bombing Daash.”

“It took over from the army statistics on the number of sorties before we took the responsibility and after study and found a 20% increase in flights, but the fronts now expanded and liberated a lot of land and we have to assign international and the enemy is trying to wreak psychological warfare and the face of this matter will be the unity of the class and we will give all the support to our soldiers and the crowd People “, adding that” some people fall victim to psychological warfare and warn of it, “Ended