America paid millions for the destruction of weapons in Iraq

America paid millions for the destruction of weapons in Iraq

09/27/2014 17:55

America paid millions for the destruction of weapons in IraqFollow-up – public opinion –
United States destroyed more than 40 vehicles soldiers armored “Humvee” since the start of the air campaign against the terrorist organization Daash in Iraq in August / August last.

Said Todd Harrison, a fellow the status of “strategic evaluations and budget,” according to “CNN”, that America spends 30 thousand dollars for each bomb to destroy those armored vehicles, which will cost their industry more than a quarter of a million dollars, and Price varies depending on the amusements of weapons.

The US defense official network targeting American planes for Humvees, saying: “Sometimes we see Daash take over American and devices Tozfaha .. For this we have decided to reduce this threat,” pointing out that being re-supplied Iraqi forces with some of those weapons later.

The cost of the air campaign launched by the American army in Iraq to expand the scope of the prosecution, “Daash” in Syria, and the air campaign was launched there, at dawn on Tuesday, more than 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles, at a cost of 1.5 million dollars for a single missile.

And sent the international coalition B48 military plane fighter, Iraq, including a plane, “the F-22 Raptort” and is considered the most expensive manned aircraft functioning as it reaches the cost of flying nearly 62 thousand dollars for the flight, along with bombs vary the price of one of them between 20 thousand to 30 thousand dollars.

And do fly American more than 20 air strike in Syria and 198 in Iraq since August 8 / August last and September 23 / September of this, in operations not guarantee mostly in the daily cost medium for the American campaign and up to 7.5 million dollars a day by the end of last month.