Urgent .. arrival of the German defense minister to Arbil, in a surprise visit

Urgent .. arrival of the German defense minister to Arbil, in a surprise visit

25/09/2014 13:29

Urgent - arrival of the German defense minister to Arbil in a surprise visitFollow-up – and babysit – Arrived and German Defense Minister (Ursula von der Line) to the city of Erbil in Kurdistan.
Informed sources said on Thursday that “the German minister arrived in Erbil International Airport via transport aircraft loaded with the first batch of weapons of German, the Peshmerga forces, as part of its support for the fight against gangs Daash terrorist.”

The German plane had taken off in the early hours of Thursday morning, the city of Leipzig, bound for Erbil after a day ahead of schedule due to technical problems, according to what was said by a spokesman for the leadership of the task of the German army.

The German plane carrying 50 rocket launcher and anti-tank ammunition, and 250 G 3 rifle and 20 machine guns. Also, according to a spokesman for the German army.

The German Defence Ministry has revealed in 12 of the September month that her country plans to send about 40 element of the reserve forces have to Iraq to provide weapons training to the Peshmerga forces.

And reached the first meal of the German troops to Irbil on Tuesday, the first of six paratroopers and paramedic Followers of the German army, where trainers will train the Peshmerga forces on the use of weapons.

The German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has rejected again last Sunday any post for his country in air strikes or interference Barre in Iraq, pointing out that “the distribution of tasks in the fight against al-Daash terrorist,” pointing out that “Germany’s share of these tasks are large and are concentrated in the north Iraq. ”

The German Defense Ministry has announced the beginning of September / September announced that it intends to supply Iraq with eight thousand gun-type G-3 and 200 grenade launcher, anti-tank, and 30 missile system Milan anti-tank, and 8000 gun-type 36G-, and the same number of pistols, and 40 machine guns, and 10 000 pistols and a hand grenade signal.

Several Western countries have begun arming Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga in the framework of supporting the country in its fight against gangs Daash which seized control of the territory, and some of them close to the Kurdistan region. Q, Q