Parliamentary Finance: Adoption of the budget next week

Parliamentary Finance: Adoption of the budget next week


Parliamentary Finance - Adoption of the budget next weekBAGHDAD / … tipped the head of the parliamentary finance committee Magda al-Tamimi, on Tuesday, that is to vote on the Federal Budgeting for the current year next week in the House of Representatives.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement the “eye Iraq News”, that “next Saturday Sikad Cabinet extraordinary session to discuss the federal budget for the current year,” likely to “be voted on in the House of Representatives early next week.”

It added that “according to the Financial Administration Act and the public debt is not permitted to incorporate the budget next year before the current year because it would cause problems for the Iraqi economy,” adding that “discussions are still ongoing between the political parties on increasing the share of the Kurdistan region of financial stakes,” pointing out that “the region’s share of Federal Budgeting is 17% and have made a request to the Baghdad government on the provision of increasing them up to 20%. “

The MP for the mass citizen Mona Gurabei has shown that he will be voting on the budget bill as soon as it reaches the House of Representatives. / Ended 6