3 billion dollars from the budget of the rest of Iraq .. and the budgets of 2014 and 2015, waiting

3 billion dollars from the budget of the rest of Iraq .. and the budgets of 2014 and 2015, waiting for acknowledgment

21/09/2014 11:28

10K Iraqi Dinar notesSpecial – and babysit – at a time of mounting calls by citizens and local governments to accelerate the ratification of the budget year 2014, which was left of it is less than 4 months, expressed his deputies is important to acknowledge the budget shortly before it reaches balance in 2015 to the Council the middle of the month .
Delays in the adoption of the federal budget for the current year, which amounted to about 150 billion dollars, the largest in the history of Iraq, cast a shadow on the different aspects of life, and the movement of the market and hindered the implementation of many projects, and perhaps the most dangerous indicator is that what remains of Iraq’s budget three billion dollars only.

And confirmed the interim head of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Magda al-Tamimi, said the government did not answer until now on the books that had been before our committee on the re-draft the federal budget and amendments to the House of Representatives in preparation for a vote. ”

Al-Tamimi said in a statement, “public opinion” that “part of what we asked him to provide the financial statements of the public budget for a period of eight months, both investment and operational as well as the proportion of spending, as well as the amounts of conjecture for the remaining fiscal year.”

It pointed out that “the Commission interim financial books sent to the Central Bank in order to know the amount of the Fund, as well as to the Ministry of Oil to get to know the amount of oil exported with the sale price of a barrel of crude oil for the past eight months with the Evaluator of oil for the coming months.” And about the possibility of the adoption of the federal budget for 2014 showed MP for the Liberal bloc that Finance Minister Mohammed agency Xiaa Sudan pledged to answer all the books of the Finance Committee this week, including the revised budget. ”

She stressed that “in the event of the arrival of the draft general budget we will post them directly to Parliament for the first reading,” noting that more “adjustments made to the budget included a file and reinforcing the popular crowd and displaced persons.”

With regard to the budget of 2015 showed Tamimi “If we receive any budget on 15.10.2014 in accordance with the timings specified on 31/12/2014 and will vote on the 2015 budget.”

She said, “The defense and interior ministries and the displaced them up most of the budget in 2014 and noticed stop new investment projects and the launch of the ongoing funding, which led to only change the shape of the operating budget and the investment side.”

She explained that the “Minister of Finance and agency purity of the net as much as the exchange rate or the expenditure side of the operational and investment to the end of the current year B110 trillion dinars,” noting that “the Finance Committee awaiting the arrival of data from the Ministry of Finance to see expenditures formal and precise.”

In addition, he said members of the parliamentary finance committee that the government has recognized them that the fund, which kept the oil revenue is not where currently only three billion dollars, while the Council of Ministers says he has a six billion dollars last month.

Usually found in the Development Fund for Iraq “EDF Aye” about 10 billion dollars to ensure salary payments and government expenditures, and critics say the government’s policies that it took advantage of the absence of law for the budget and involved spending more than the normal limit, amid ambiguity about the expenses of war and emergency conditions, and warnings of bankruptcy Fund returns and the state’s inability to meet financial obligations.

For her part, the Kurdistan Alliance MP Najiba Najib: “We asked the Ministry of Finance to provide us with data on the amount of money to this fund as well as non-cash balance and cash in the central bank and government banks.”

It pointed out that “the Minister of Finance and agency purity Net said in August that there are six billion dollars in the fund, and then returned during hosted in the House of Representatives recently mentioned that the remaining balance in the fund is (3) billions of dollars” in contradiction up to half.

She noted that “according to the minister said that the net where the state treasury only $ 3 billion,” noting that “the Finance Committee and the interim because of inconsistencies in the numbers and the amounts mentioned by the minister Net requested the Ministry of Finance to provide us with details of the amounts of this fund.”

She said the amount of the Fund at the beginning of 2013 was 10 billion dollars in oil revenues and the ongoing filings in the Fund.

To the MP said the Kurdistan Democratic Party MP Hajuan Abdullah, that “Parliament has re-budget to the government with the demand that the government introduce a set of recommendations to the House of Representatives within the overall budget,” and between Abdullah in a statement to the news agency of public opinion “:” We hope that the The government could in the few days tray recommendations within the budget and bring it back to be re-examined and we are waiting for the arrival of the budget to the House of Representatives for approval. “stressing that” the Kurdistan included eight recommendations were Drjha by the head of the Interim Committee of Finance in the House of Representatives’ and there is a set of recommendations political blocs to demand the introduction of these recommendations for the budget year not only of Kurdistan. ”

The budget is exposed each year to disruption because of political pressure, and sees parliamentarians and economists that the delay in adoption of the budget had negative repercussions on the economic reality of Iraq and that there is a real need to find quick solutions and radical in order to avoid the mistakes the previous stage Marjaheen adoption of the budget, especially in months remaining of the current year Review and expenses during the period of the previous final accounts minutes.

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