Parliament rejects the candidates to take over the security ministries

Parliament rejects the candidates to take over the security ministries

Tuesday, 16 September / September 2014 16:31

Parliament rejects the candidates to take over the security ministries [Baghdad where]

House of Representatives refused to vote for the candidates of the security ministries, and the voice of the approval of the Minister of Water Resources.

A statement by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, today, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of which, “The House of Representatives voted minutes of fifteen, which was held on Tuesday, 16/09/2014, headed by Saleem al-Jubouri, head of the Council and in the presence of 285 deputies to give confidence to the Minister of Water Resources and not given to the candidates of the ministries of interior, defense and tourism in led House of Representatives bench and ministers absent from the session giving confidence to the government was sworn in, in the beginning of the meeting welcomed al-Jubouri, the presence of Haider Abadi, head of the Council of Ministers meeting of the Council of Representatives and its commitment to the time he made to provide security minister within the cabinet reshuffle during the week. ” .

“It’s the other side declared President of the Council for the allocation of a hearing on Thursday to discuss the evaluation of the performance of the House of Representatives during the past eight years, and then led the members of the House of Representatives who occupy positions in government was sworn in for membership and they both Saadoun Guillard and just Mhodr and Ali Shukri and Ali al-Adeeb and Azzedine State and Najm al-Din Omar was sworn in, he was sworn in as ministers who have been voted on them could not have sworn they both gentlemen Hussain al-Shahristani and Muhammad Mahdi al-Bayati. ”

The statement added: “In a related context sworn deputies bench for the House of Representatives who have held ministerial positions or the Vice-President of the Republic who are all from Hassan Sinead, instead of Nuri al-Maliki and Faris Abdul Aziz substitute for Osama Najafi and full Nasser substitute for Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese and Hussein Aziz substitute for Naseer al-Issawi activist Jassim substitute for Tariq Kikhany and Hossam Ali Hussein substitute for Bahaa al-Araji, Haidar Abdul-Kadhim instead of Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Qassim Hassan instead of Abdul Karim Younis and Najim Abdullah instead Falah Hassan Zeidan, while continuing legal advisers study the files of alternative candidates remaining. ”

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, he was “about to vote on the remaining ministerial cab said Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister said the postponement of the names of the security minister in the session giving confidence was at the request of the blocks,” stressing the “lack of willingness to postpone the vote on the Minister concerned.”

He Abadi that “during the last period offered the names of the candidates respectable representing blocks parliamentary But we had a vision of this issue,” noting that “the security file is one of the more files gravity that require processed,” noting “he had a two candidates possess the independence, professionalism and independence they can harmony with the general commander of the armed forces, “explaining that he” was assigned to choose the security minister for a general discussion with the blocks but with without the intervention of choice. ”

For his part, praised the first deputy chairman of the Council Hamoudi to fulfill “Abadi his pledge to nominate candidates for security ministries,” noting “the importance to abide by the parliamentary blocs support the ministry of security,” pointing to the “Do not display the name of the Minister of Interior on the National Alliance,” calling for ” postpone the vote on the security minister on Thursday to within understandings between the blocks. ”

After the presentation Abadi to the names of candidates for ministerial positions vacant to vote do not vote for the Council to fill MP Riad Ghraib for the post of interior minister for receiving 117 votes out of 245 deputies what happened Jaber al-Jabri candidate for the post of defense minister on 108 votes from out of 251 deputies, while did not get Ali Adeeb on the Board’s approval to take over as Minister of Tourism for receiving 78 votes out of 250 deputies.

And give confidence to the House of Representatives Mohsen bird gesture for the post of Minister of Water Resources after receiving 162 votes out of 250 deputies. In turn, stressed the Prime Minister to consult his parliamentary blocs on the names of the security minister and presented in the session close. President al-Jubouri, then decided to display the names of security ministers at a meeting next Thursday at the latest. The Presidency decided to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday 18-9-2014.anthy