The effective exchange of balancing the budget around for and wait for the deadline for the presentation of the reading

Interim financial: the effective exchange of balancing the budget around for and wait for the deadline for the presentation of the reading

9.14.2014 eighteen past three p.m.

Interim financial - the effective exchange of balancing the budget around for and wait for the deadline for the presentation of the reading{Baghdad: Euphrates News} explained head of the parliamentary finance committee temporary Magda al-Tamimi, the actual disbursement of the budget during the past months around to {budget}, noting that the Finance Committee is waiting expiry of the deadline given to the government to amend the budget and send it and then put up for reading in the House of Representatives .
She said al-Tamimi told {Euphrates News} “We are in the Interim Committee overseeing the budget of 2014, we had several meetings with the Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, most recently in the parliament session that was open and offered on satellite channels and ended with the Finance Committee to edit several books, including a book to the Ministry of Finance. ” and added that “on the seventh of last August was returned the budget to the government, because the positioning of the country does not match the budget, which came at the beginning of the year, The budget operational or investment event where a lot of changes, most notably files that appeared Kaltzlih and exchange of defense, interior and displaced persons, as There was disabled for many new investment projects, and the exchange rate on investment projects ongoing. ” and explained, “We put forward the idea of re-balancing of the government, which has a database in order to modify the budget and be close to reality, Valochehr eight ago there was actual exchange so no longer balance. It has become a budget in order to exchange the actual, but months from now to the end of the year are offset any it speculative. ” She drew Tamimi, “it was to give the government time limit for {15} days, but since then, but until now did not restore the government budget and therefore we decided to Commission interim financial giving them another week may end Tuesday or Wednesday next. ” and indicated that “is supposed to send a budget with amendments in the event have been sent, Vsttrah read the first and second in the House of Representatives,” expressing optimism of “positive atmosphere for negotiation between the center and the region to solve the problem with the region for oil and resolve the problem between the two parties. ” and showed Tamimi, “it was included two paragraphs in the book sent to the Finance, asking for actual expenditure and income that took place during the previous months and the future revenues, with respect to the remaining months and we sent a letter to the central bank to ask him about the account of the {PDF any}, were also sent a letter to the oil ministry to know the estimates of oil for the remaining months, and the quantities exported the previous and the actual price and the future. ” and stressed that “the budget if reached by the government on Tuesday or Wednesday will be presented on the first reading,” indicating that it was ” supposed According timings constitutional receipt of the budget in 2015 in the middle of October next, we do not want that there will be delays and that recognizes the budget in 2015 at the end of December next year. ” and was the head of the Finance Committee temporary, Magda al-Tamimi has been revealed in the {21} of last August, that “proportion of the fiscal deficit in the budget of 2014 will be more than planned, which was expected to be {32} trillion dinars,” noting that “the accounts that have been discussed with the low rate of exports of {3,400} to {2.2}, the deficit can be increased by { 87} trillion dinars to the end of the year and an increase of {55} trillion dinars for the planned deficit. ” and the form of the House of Representatives in the {23} from last July for two temporary, one private general budget. referred to the previous parliament failed to approve the general budget for 2014 intersections because of political witnessed by the previous stage. Ended and h