Congress: the phenomenon of replacement of foreign exchange currencies Stqaibd false economy huge losses .. We must fight

On: Sun 05/06/2012 12:33

Baghdad (news) / report / Faleh Hussein / .. Emerged in recent phenomenon seriously carried out by specialized gangs replace the hard currency in the country’s currency Iraqi fake “fake”, and this is what sparked the concern of a number of parliamentarians in the committees of the financial and economic, of the persistence of this phenomenon and its negative impact on the Iraqi economy. 
and warned in the words of (the Agency news) from the exploitation of neighboring countries, the political situation unstable in Iraq enter a counterfeit currency and replace it with hard currency “dollar” to their advantage. He had revealed some banking offices in Baghdad and the southern provinces for the emergence of Iraqi currency counterfeit category (10) thousand dinars, and in large quantities, and who sees specialists that category (10) thousand dinars easy rigging of the other categories of the local currency. , where he says the decision of the Economic Commission deputy / coalition blocs of Kurdistan / Mahma Khalil must fight gangs specialized forging currency and find out the source where it comes from this currency to Iraq, as a dangerous phenomenon threaten the economic security of the country. Khalil added (of the Agency news): In case of failure to take tough measures against counterfeiters of currency Saqaibd the Iraqi economy, significant losses through the drain of hard currency “dollar” and the proliferation of counterfeit currency in the country. is the phenomenon of counterfeit currency of the most dangerous phenomena on the national economy, one of the economic crimes that are punishable by law. He pointed out: that the Iraqi environment is not attractive to foreign currency because of the political situation of others settled in the country, which made ​​the neighbors dare and take steps to destroy the Iraqi economy through the introduction of the currency counterfeit and replace them with the currency of the dollar in order to does not take Iraq Mkanadtha economic and be an actor in the region. acknowledged the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi earlier in the presence of counterfeit currency in Iraq are being traded at rates limited, calling for the House of Representatives to pass a law reset the Iraqi dinar, a deletion of three zeros from the current currency and replace the currency of more sedate difficult to falsify . and the several provinces, including Karbala, Najaf, Babil, Wasit, Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad, has seen in recent months, adjust the amounts of counterfeit currency, and detained by local authorities in these provinces specialized gangs forged currency, promotion and fraud on the citizens. The press reports to the existence of presses specialized rigging the currency in a number of areas of the capital Baghdad. A member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Ibrahim al-Mutlaq said the phenomenon of entry of counterfeit currency by neighboring countries and replace them with hard currencies will lead the country into economic disaster is difficult to avoid. said Mutlaq (the Agency news): The trends of the U.S. dollar in the non-specific, but just sold at auction the central bank without knowing the trend is gone is it to invest or to smuggling or import from outside the country, calling for setting the direction of exchange both within the country or outside by the authorities concerned. and called the security authorities to the need to take the role to prosecute those they enter the money through the control of border crossings to reduce the danger to the national economy. It should be noted that the Interior Ministry said in recent days, the arrest of several persons of Iranian nationality in southern Iraq in possession of a quantity of the Iraqi currency counterfeit, as well as the emergence of other replacement hard currency currencies Iranian by Iranian pilgrims coming to the holy sites, as well as men of their actions on the Iraq-Iran border, where he sees specialists in the field of the Iraqi economy that the phenomenon of replacement of hard currency “dollar” Iranian currency is not legal, but also serves as the smuggling of foreign currency of the country, presumably fought by the security authorities, stating: that the Iranian currency is not international, but are not allowed to get out of the country. This phenomenon affected the value of the dollar in Iraq, and raised the demand for purchase by auction the central bank. and see the U.S. dollar has increased significantly and unprecedented has its value in front of the Iraqi dinar during the current period. with the exception of a member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri : the phenomenon of replacement of hard currency in Iraq currency counterfeit of “great danger” on the Iraqi economy, calling for the fight to save the national currency deterioration. He Yasiri (of the Agency news) to: that the political divisions and conflicts taking place in the Iraqi arena during the current play a key role in breaking down the national economy and the Iraqi dinar, which made ​​the government preoccupied with political problems, leaving the important things and gave way to the outlaws of neighboring countries to seize the Iraqi currency difficult and pumping large quantities of counterfeit currency into the country. suggested Yasiri: the use of devices allergic closer to the currencies in All Iraqi banks and banking offices and even shops in order to find out counterfeit currency and the arrest of traffickers. The Central Bank of Iraq made ​​adjustments to their systems to sell the dollar in the official auction, because the traders and the offices of Banking remove large amounts of dollars to Iran and Syria, which applied the right sanctions led to the deterioration of the economic value of domestic currencies worldwide, where he started the Central Bank of Iraqi private banks claim documents to prove their need for hard currency. / Finished / 8. n. r /