British newspaper: Washington is not reliable partners in Iraq or Syria

British newspaper: Washington is not reliable partners in Iraq or Syria


British newspaper - Washington is not reliable partners in Iraq or SyriaTwilight News / considered a British newspaper that he does not have the US reliable partners in Iraq or Syria, noting that the Sunni community in those countries prefer to “Islamic state” Kohon of two evils compared to revenge the regular forces.

The newspaper The Independent published an article writer Patrick Coburn entitled “War Impossible, I followed” Twilight News “, ruled that” an effective air strikes expected American is hoped Obama “, pointing out that the Sunni communities in Iraq and Syria may prefer” Islamic state “Kohon of two evils, compared retaliation by government forces in the two countries.

He said that Coburn “The problem is that the United States has no local partners depends on them, whether in Iraq or in Syria.”

He believes that the new Iraqi government “still sectarian,” The Kurds “thrown into the government by the United States in spite of the failure to meet any of their demands,” according to the author.

He favored by the United States to cooperate secretly and through a third party with the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

In this context, the article pointed out that the last rounds of international talks on the Syrian crisis have reached a dead end because of Washington’s insistence that only talk to the departure of Assad.

The author concludes that it is possible to organize the defeat of an Islamic state in Syria as long as the civil war there.

The United States leads the American diplomatic campaign for the formation of a broad international coalition to confront the organization Daash in Iraq and Syria.