Security expert: America is trying to oust Iran in Iraq

Security expert: America is trying to oust Iran in Iraq

September 12, 2014, 12:21

Security expert - America is trying to oust Iran in IraqBAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

Stressed security expert Dr. Moataz Mohiuddin, Director of the Center of the Republic of Strategic Studies, that “the American intervention in Iraq is now clear, and Pat represents the exclusion of a significant Iranian influence, despite the fact that Iran has benefited over the years from the decline in the American role in Iraq, and has strengthened its influence in all fields.

Muhyiddin said in a statement ((eighth day)) that “American soldiers are experts essentially, they are the targets accurately determine Airways American who is hitting columns (Daash) accurately. The United States has become aware of and under Republican criticism of the withdrawal plan, the need for a strong presence in Iraq, which may not be up to send ground troops, but in light of the expansion of the scope of the international coalition against (Daash).

He added, that sending more soldiers and experts, which is based, in part, to the security agreement between the two countries, could have the effect of an actor at the level of smashing (Daash), which now represents a serious challenge even for Iran, both through its threat to religious shrines in Iraq, which For Iran is a red line as Iran’s president said, or even to Iran itself. (AA)