Ask a new paper from a class of ten thousand dinars in the markets

Ask a new paper from a class of ten thousand dinars in the markets

Posted 12/09/2014 10:52 AM

Ask a new paper from a class of ten thousand dinars in the marketsCentral Bank of Iraq, the paper announced the launch of the new class of ten thousand dinars for trading on the markets of Iraq, stressing that the citizen can be easily obtained.

He said the CBI said in a statement received (squares of liberation), copy it, that “the new paper from a class of ten thousand dinars today introduced formally to trade in the local markets,” noting that “the new paper will not cancel the work of the paper from the category of ten thousand old and will continue to trade naturally. ”

The statement said that “the citizen able to get the class with the new format with ease and no limit on them.

The Iraqi Central Bank announced last August that the end of last month will see the launch coin ten thousand dinars Bhltha new, and among the old paper of class ten thousand will not be withdrawn from Iraqi markets, confirmed that groups other than the currency of Iraq will be put forms new successively until the end of this year.

He said the bank in its previous statement that “the new paper bore some changes, including changing the image of the Arab world, Al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham to the Freedom Monument, has also been modified dates Islamic and Gregorian to 2014 –1,435 e, as well as that the new paper will carry the signature of the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Agency Abdul Basit Turkish happy. ”

The paper contains a new class of ten thousand dinars on the thread to ensure the buckle in the middle contains the effects Animations changes color from gold to green when the note is tilted, and wrote the phrase (CBI), has also been marked as advanced security known as (transparent window) in right corner upper face of the paper showing a picture of the minaret Helicobacter when placed on a white background as it appears to the sum of (10000) when placed on a dark background, as the paper contains structures against attempts at counterfeiting cloning, and there is a marker present in the paper, especially for the Blind which is about two lines horizontal straight on the left side of the face sheet.