American military in Erbil, a Turkish ammunition when they discover “Daash”

American military in Erbil, a Turkish ammunition when they discover “Daash”

12/09/2014 11:22

American military in Erbil a Turkish ammunition when they discover DaashFollow-up – and babysit – American military experts identified in Erbil military ammunition sourced from Turkey, carrying a sign that the manufacture of munitions “Chemical Industries and mechanical Turkish” (MKE), were found after the fighting between the organization “Daash” and the Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq.
The Turkish media that the American military experts “astonished” by the presence of ammunition in the hands of Turkish fighters of the “State” extremist, and how that embarrassed internationally for Turkey.

The newspaper “Zaman Daily” in English, that President Barack Obama warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Newport in Britain it wants to see Turkey “on the same line with NATO and the United States.”

The paper points out that Turkish officials tried to justify their position to the Americans that they are afraid to “national security” if the Turkish entered in a confrontation with the guerrillas “Daash”, especially since they are holding dozens of Turkish diplomats from their consulate in Mosul and can kill them.

The newspaper “party” leftist Turkish published last Tuesday, a report on the Turkish-made ammunition in the hands of fighters to organize the “State”, noting that some of the fighters who killed the militants were found with large quantities of ammunition from the Turkish manufacturing company.

Turks are trying to convince Americans that these munitions may be stolen, or captured from Daash fighters from areas they had controlled in Syria.

The number of security leaders have warned the Turks, Erdogan, the prime minister at the time, the risk of Turkey’s support for militants and extremists in Syria with arms and allow the passage of volunteers across the territory. But Erdogan ignore it, and most of those leaders sacked after that.

Turkey has suffered more than the process of violence claimed the lives of Turks sometimes involving foreign fighters were on their way from Europe and the Middle East to Syria.

Also stopped a shipment of weapons from Turkey to northern Syria a few months ago and did not know exactly if it was going to Daash fighters or other factions of the Syrian opposition radical or moderate.

The newspaper Zaman that the Turkish leadership, which was counting on the fall of the Syrian regime quickly, Vetosat spectra in support of the Syrian opposition, is now concerned about the continuation of the regime of Bashar al-Assad.