Ministerial delegation demanded Shahristani reverse decision to boycott government

Ministerial delegation demanded Shahristani reverse decision to boycott government

09/11/2014 14:55

Ministerial delegation demanded Shahristani reverse decision to boycott governmentBAGHDAD / obelisk: Student ministerial delegation headed by Saleh al-Mutlaq, on Thursday, Hussain al-Shahristani to end its boycott of the government and take over as Minister of Higher Education also granted Prime Minister al-Abadi.

The General Secretariat of the independent bloc headed by al-Shahristani said in a statement, obtained “obelisk” a copy of which, “The secretary-general of mass independent Hussain al-Shahristani, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and a number of ministers, and the two sides discussed the backgrounds, which was formed on the basis of which the new Iraqi government” .

The statement added, “student visiting delegation from al-Shahristani to reverse the decision of the bloc not to participate in the government, and praised the delegation on the role of the great Shahristani in drawing the country’s oil policy in the past period.”

It also praised the “role in maintaining the wealth of Iraq, and the prominent role of presiding over a number of committees was the most important for the committee to consider the legitimate demands of protesters”.

The statement said that al-Shahristani “welcomed the visiting delegation and the price of their position,” hoping they have to “be the best support for the new government by addressing the outstanding issues and attention to the demands of the citizens and the provision of services and the fight against corruption.”

And the voice of Iraqi Council of Representatives, the first on Monday (September 8, 2014), to give confidence to the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, except for some ministries, notably security, with the promise of providing Abadi candidates during a period not exceeding seven days.

Did not attend the head of the independent Hussain al-Shahristani decrees granting confidence to the government, and when the student House Speaker Salim al-Hussain al-Shahristani, that overlies the platform the Great Hall with the minister after he was named by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, intervened MP for the mass independent Samira al-Moussawi , and asked the name of al-Jubouri withdraw the nomination, announced in front of all the attendees that the mass expresses reservations about the way in which the distribution of ministerial posts.