Maliki’s trial on war crimes and genocide

Maliki’s trial on war crimes and genocide

Posted 09/09/2014 11:19 AM

al-MalikiLive up crimes committed by Nuri al-Maliki and the pillars of his rule over the past eight to the level of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity, however, al-Maliki is still a free man he and his cohorts stained their hands with the blood of innocent Iraqis, while justice requires terrestrial and celestial referred to the Iraqi criminal court or international for committing crimes against humanity.

Maliki launched during the years of his reign many military attacks and large-scale Sunni-dominated provinces, and some of his opponents politicians from the Shiite, has his pieces sectarian crimes of murder, genocide, and arbitrary imprisonment, and brutal torture, rape, forced displacement, and racial segregation on the basis of sectarian and ethnic and national, and dozens of other inhumane acts degrading honor and dignity.

May be a brutal massacre committed by the militias Maliki recently against worshipers in the mosque Musab bin Omair in Diyala province genocide fledged under international criminal law, they also disturb international peace and security, because al-Maliki and his entourage who arrived to power with the blessing of Omirkah- Iranian feel they are immune from punishment, it is not surprising that unleash their militias to obscurantism such as “League of the Righteous” and “Badr Brigade” and “forces of Swat” and some special military units engaged in an act of revenge sectarian continuously.

Exercised these militias unrestrained and special units act of genocide in the mosque of “valid” and raided a prison in Diyala province and killed in cold blood, all of it without a shiver Frash for the owners or members of the House of Representatives who do not come out complained about the limits of denunciation and condemnation while he was bringing the number of dead Iraqis In some months to more than a thousand citizens due to the collapse of security, and lack of efficiency of the Iraqi leadership in the ministries of Defense, Interior and National Security, which bears Maliki direct responsibility, in addition to other leaders that has taken upon itself the security file and failed it miserably requires to appear before the criminal courts, local or international .

Falluja is time to genocidal war and did not hesitate to Maliki or other for shelling, and destroy their infrastructure and the destruction of their homes, and Depopulation insulation to Kurdistan, especially after he borrowed from his idol Bashar Assad bombing barrels explosive that have undermined thousands of homes and turned them into ruins torn landscape tendon Heart. Did not hand over Anbar from a brutal al-Maliki, who abandoned the majority of the population of this province, and displaced from their homes, and displaced later the sons of Salah al-Din and Mosul, and the bulk of the people of the provinces of Diyala and Kirkuk and leave them to face their own destinies in the open, or in camps that lack the most basic health and social services and humanitarian.

Rocked the massacre Hawija people of conscience of humanity in Iraq and the Arab world, but the international community is silent about without paying Bala to about seventy martyrs fallen victim to the brutality of al-Maliki and his desire open blood Sunni who did not stop to shed even during the recent days, which filed the power chair dreaded.

Citizens did not Bmnjy Shiites from the claws of the brutal al-Maliki, especially those who disagree with him in his administration of the Iraqi state, which placed at the forefront of the failed countries and the most corrupt in the world. The crime of “Spyker” regardless of who planned and carried out, is the crime of genocide bear al-Maliki and the button directly, as bears perpetrators of the leaders of “Spyker” legal responsibility which must do justice to the families of the victims of the policy of reckless developed the throats of the Iraqis under the scythe sectarian sometimes, and Saif terrorism at other times.

The crimes committed by al-Maliki in the southern city of Basra, Nasiriyah, Amara and Sadr City are war crimes against humanity par excellence. And that the continuous bombardment of cities and six rebellious Almentvdh including the capital Baghdad, is a war crime, and a flagrant violation of human rights. The dumping Sunni cities called Baghdad belt of water, and the continuous bombardment of these cities safe, and the bombing of their homes is a war crime in all sense of the word, and because of it must represent all of the burdens Maliki in front of the Iraqi criminal court or international.

In terms of ethnic cleansing, the examples are many and can not be counted, is enough to point out the ethnic cleansing of the Sunni that happened, and what is still happening at this moment in the cities of Buhriz and al-Mukhisa and Muqdadiyah and other towns in the province of Diyala, in addition to the ethnic cleansing of the Shia, who witnessed and what still seen in cities Tuz, Bashir and Tal Afar. In the context can be referred to the religious cleansing that happened to the Christians in Mosul, specifically, and the Yezidis, and Turkmen and other ethnic groups, religions and Iraqi components subjected to forced displacement, and genocide, which requires the appearance of al-Maliki and its leaders failed, before the courts.

Iraqi writer