Kurds decide to participate in the new government

Kurds decide to participate in the new government

Monday, 08 September / September 2014 19:25

Kurds decide to participate in the new government[Baghdad where]

Kurdish leadership has decided to participate in the new government.

A source familiar did not disclose his name told all of Iraq [where] that “the Kurds decided to participate in the government.”

The delegation was in Sulaimaniya Kurdish negotiator has met with political parties in Sulaimaniya to discuss the decision to participate in the new Federal Government.

According to a parliamentary source Kurd’s [where] earlier in the day that “the meeting was held at noon today at the headquarters of the Movement for Change in Sulaymaniyah included both of the leaders of the Kurdish parties of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Islamic Group and the change [ Curran], and the Kurdistan Islamic Union. ”

“The Kurdish leadership met with representatives of the United Nations and American officials have been talking with them on the participation of the Kurds in the next Iraqi government.”

He added that “the meeting came after a meeting similar to the delegation negotiating with the political leadership in Arbil,” adding that “the delegation will return after the conclusion of the meetings in the region to Baghdad this afternoon to inform the rest of the Iraqi political forces on the outcome of the talks and the decision to post the Kurds in the ministerial cab.”

The House of Representatives has raised its regular, to this day, to eight o’clock PM For a vote of confidence in the new government Ended 70