Differences hinder the emergence of a last-minute government Abadi

Differences hinder the emergence of a last-minute government Abadi

Posted 07/09/2014 08:59 AM

Differences hinder the emergence of a last-minute government AbadiLast-minute disagreements delayed the emergence of the Iraqi government Aljdidh.autamthelt the sticking points that delayed the announcement of the government. Haider al-Abadi in the de-Baathification law, reconciliation and general amnesty and the demands and rights of the Sunni provinces Almentvdh, while the Kurds insisted on solving the dilemma of Article 140 and the salaries of the Peshmerga and export of oil.

And entered the American ambassador in Iraq, the crisis line to speed up the formation of the government, which was interpreted by some Shiite forces as unacceptable interference and biased for the benefit of the year at the expense of what he described as Shia rights and entitlements.

A source close to the negotiations, the atmosphere of political blocs for the American ambassador told the Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi reservation to take over his country’s Hadi al-Amiri head of the Badr Organization, the defense portfolio, a reservation expressed by the Federation of Sunni forces.

For his part, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri that the acceptance of caving ministerial pledge to respond to the demands of the masses of the Alliance of Iraqi forces, while the agent called and U.S. Secretary of State Maghurk Brett, who met with al-Jubouri, the need to be a government program specific timetables to respond to the demands raised.

Despite the negative sentiment hanging over the meetings of the key components, the National Federation of the forces and the Kurdistan, but the quasi-agreement expected will lead to announce lineup next government during the next two days, according to information leaked from the rooms closed-door meetings of the National Alliance, which reported that the semi-agreement were the names of the In the next ministerial cab.

According to sources close to the file cabinet, the situation to ensure decisive for a number of important positions, the center refused to internal and external, to give Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Hadi al-Amiri Ministry of Defense, while make sure that Ahmed Chalabi was accepted as deputy prime minister, and delivery Adel Abdul-Mahdi bag oil , parallel to welcome the granting of Iyad Allawi, vice president, responsible for the file dialogue with political opponents of the regime.